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Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline
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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
AHCA Spring Gymkhana
June 5, 2005 - Warrenville, Illinois

Where was Everybody?

Sunday June 5 was a much better day than the weatherman promised. We expected rain and it even stayed pretty cloudy at first but turned out to be a perfect day to drive your British car. This particular Sunday was scheduled to be the Austin Healy Club autocross at Cantera Warrenville. This usually falls on the Memorial Day Sunday but most of the Healyites were in Champaign last weekend. Having missed the previous events our club organized including the Spring Tour and the Chicken Rally, I couldnít stay away. Fearing the inclement and authentic British liquid humidity the weatherman predicted, I kept the hardtop on Old Bumble hoping no one would recognize us.
Cars at the Healey autocross
When we (Bumble and I) arrived at Cantera at precisely 9:00 a.m. the course had been all set up and there were a gaggle of cars all parked right smart in a row. I saw a BMW Mini Cooper, a VW Golf 24R, a Scion Tci before the Healyís. Didnít I read on our web page only British cars older than 1980? Sure I did. Well, you know me, I put up a little squeak about it, but they just said theyíd take anybodyís money. I shoulda called Wilbur to bring out his/her Mini.

The rest of the cars were Healyís. For the most part the big red roadsters. One or two Sprites as usual too. One even had a hardtop. My carís buddy. I went up to register and I was driver number 11. For the strangest reason I felt our club didnít care about this event. Then our illustrious Secretary, Doug Carlson, drove up in some red MG TF he must have stolen, and gave me the encouragement I needed. The day even brightened more when Russ Mehaffey and his son Steve drove in Amyís little white A. Together the three of us could mop the field. Until this white and red racy looking Caterham putted in and I knew my goose could be deep fried. I then asked Russ to help me get my hard top off.

Most autocrosses are not spectator events. This one certainly was. Watching Doug in that red MG TF cruise around was delightful. It was like slow motion. Matter of fact it WAS slow motion. I didnít write down any times but his grace was only surpassed by the sand of the hour glass. Or the falling of the leaves. On one run he knocked down a cone only to look back from the cockpit to watch if fall as he motored through the next gate. Oh how I wish I had it on video. So graceful. Overall the course was small and tricky. We each got five timed runs. Times were in the 32 second area for me. 34 for the big Healys. 33 for the Sprites. At first the Caterham did a :40 and I wondered if he didnít have a car beyond his means, but by his third run he was much quicker than anyone else. He eventually broke 30. I sure never did. But he had race tires and didnít know any better. Russ and Steve each drove the A and I think Russ got the better of his son. Thatís the way itís supposed to be of course. They were also a pretty sight on such a delightful day and the MGA sounded marvelous. And by the way, the boys in the import Tuner cars did pretty much in the 33 and 34s and were pretty clean kids. We didnít intimidate them and they couldnít humiliate us either. They had a lot of fun. They stayed for the awards at the Red Robin. They ordered water.

Sorry I donít have all the times for a complete report. I didnít even know Iíd write this until my conscience got the best of me. I woulda taken more pictures had I thought. The Healy Club thanked us all for turning out. I mentioned our clubs next autocross there is coming soon and invited them boys out for anuther whuppiní. Yeh Ah did! Think theyíll come? Naw! -

Don Anderson

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