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Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline
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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Lands End Rally - June 11, 2005

True to form, Tom Josefek layed out some great touring roads for this years Lands End Rally. As is his trade mark, we did not encounter a single traffic light in the 100 mile plus route. At the (somewhat delayed) drivers meeting Tom announced his latest creation to be, “a navigator’s nightmare,” and so it was! The challenge he presented required the navigators to sort through the entire question sheet in search of the next numbered clue and associate it into a crossword puzzle grid, all while keeping the driver informed and scouring the countryside for answers! Then after having found an answer, using crossword puzzle rules, try to make it fit into the grid. He mentioned too, at the drivers meeting, that some of the teams may not be talking to each other at the ending picnic. Well, Heidi and I managed to overlook a few ….discussions, and arrived at Curt Bork’s farm a little tired and hot but still friends. Anyway, to all the navigators who survived this year’s Land End Rally, I salute you!!

Thanks to Curt for his gracious hospitality and wonderful picnic spread. His preparations we truly appreciated.

Larry Czachor

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