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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
May 16, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 8:05 p.m. by John Schroeder. In attendance were 35 members (none new). These members said they have worked on the following car projects:
-Tom Sotomayor
-Seth Jones (finished engine rebuild of Midget; installed Datsun transmission) first time driven in two years
-Rob Barr (restoring '66 Midget)
-Jake Snyder (MGB GT)
-Jim Michel (installed 1800cc engine in MGA)
-John Schroeder - floor pans, sills, & fenders in MGB (nothing that a little "duck" tape & "Elmo's" glue shouldn't be able to hold together)

Past Events

Doug Clark A review of the season's first autocross (4/24/05) was given.
- the new timing equipment was used
- a good turnout featuring MGs and Minis
"Cowboy" gave a brief report on the 4/29/05-4/30/05 weekend at Road Atlanta.
- it was billed as the MG/Triumph Challenge
- he, Oscar & Diana Gonzales, and Roger & Shirley Goebbert went
- he mentioned that next year ('06) an MG only race weekend might be staged
On 4/30/05 the spring tour was held.
- compliments to Wade for planning an enjoyable driving route
- 18 cars, including a Cobra and a Triumph TR4 (the infiltrators), made the tour
- Dave Ransom, Jr., who brought his cousin (a Mercedes owner), said that his cousin was very favorably impressed with the enthusiasm of the Club members and enjoyed the camaraderie on the day.
Doug Clark mentioned that the 5/7/05 United Classic Motors spring open house was attended by several club members and owners of other LBCs.
The 5/15/05 "Spring Chicken Rally" received very positive reviews by the drivers & navigators of the nine cars.
- roads were in the far southwest suburbs to the Fox River Valley
- Ed Polonus drove up from Peoria to participate
- many thanks were given to this rally's planners - Bill Hedrick and Amy & Russ Mehaffey

Upcoming Events

Club members were reminded (and urged to check the CMGC web site for a phone number) of the 5/19/05 appearance in Crystal Lake of the Beatles look-alike (and sound-alike) singing group American English - where British cars will have preferred parking.
The 5/27/05-5/29/05 Champagne British Car Festival (in Champaign) will have a "Wild West" theme.
John Schroeder reminded everyone to drive their cars as much as possible from 5/28/05 to 6/5/05, which is British Car Week.
On 6/5/05, the AHCA autocross will be held - CMGC members and their cars are welcome.
This year's Lands End Rally will be held on Sat., June 11th.
-check the Driveline and the CMGC web site for specifics and details of the start
-Tom Josefek is the rally master
-it will end at Curt Bork's country estate in DeKalb County
-CMGC members were reminded to let him know if they plan to be there, so he can plan to have enough food & drink
-the Club thanks Curt for hosting this multi-club (CMGC, VMGCC, Rockford Bs & Bs) pow-wow, especially in light of last month's tragic passing of his soul-mate, and our friend, Pam Hansen (who Curt indicates, would have wanted this gathering of British car lovers to take place).
CMGC members were urged to check the web site for details on the Father's Day (6/19/05) racing event at Blackhawk Farms, which usually features a good collection of cars during this day of vintage racing.
Doug reminded everyone of the GOF (Central) from 7/6/05 to 7/9/05 in nearby Bloomingdale (at the Indian Lakes Resort)
-check the VMGCC web site for more details
-the "early bird" discount on registration ends on 6/6/05
John stated that three MGs from the Club will make the trip to Washington state for the 7/6/05-7/10/05 NAMGBR convention.
Jake reminded everyone about the 7/15/05-7/17/05 camping and vintage race weekend at Road America.
The (20th!) British Car Union will be on Sun., 9/11/05.
A wine & cheese tour to southwest Wisconsin will be on the weekend of 9/17/05-9/18/05.
John said this year's Abingdon Weekend is scheduled for 10/7 & 10/8.
In June of 2006, an all-MG convention near Gatlinburg, Tenn. has been scheduled.
Members are urged to check the Club web site for further details and/or updates to any upcoming CMGC or LBC related events.

Other Business

The Club will start giving new members a "new member packet".
Dave (Regalia) announced that the long awaited MG logo tool bags have arrived and are for sale.
Members were encouraged to pick up a club roster, signing in so it's known who has taken his/hers.
John announced that the members of the Club are very sad at having recently lost two fellow members - Pam Hansen and Ray Glorioso.
At 8:35 the business portion of the meeting concluded, and during the ensuing break 50/50 raffle tickets were sold - with the winners being Rob Barr (Classic Motorsports t-shirt) and Oscar Gonzales ($23).
The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

©2005 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.