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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Left hand drive The Steering Column
From your Co-chairmen
Russ Mehaffey
Russ Meyhaffey's
Right Hand Drive

What a great past month to have an MG - random acts of kindness from kindred people, fabulous driving experiences and indoctrinating a young convert to the MG lifestyle!
For the last couple years we have attended the Plainfield cruise nights. We met an MGB couple during these events and otherwise we don't see them (even though I've tried to recruit them to the CMGC). Pete saw me at the first cruise night this year and gave me some new parts for my MGA. Seems he was cleaning out his garage and found these items that had been given to him but were useless for his B. Totally unexpected and greatly appreciated, I installed the steering wheel centerpiece immediately. Ironically, on my drive to the event that evening I was thinking about buying a new one since mine was cracked and chipped.
The big news was the trip to MG2006 in Gatlinburg - we made the round trip without breaking down even though the car drank several quarts of oil. Bottomline: the trip exceeded everything I had thought it would be. We all agreed this was certainly the journey not the destination. The honky-tonk of Gatlinburg was lost on me, evidenced by the only money I spent in town was for two umbrellas…but lots of beer! My son, Steve, and I had a most remarkable time sharing the driving time over a terrific route mapped out by John. This was the most quality "guy-time" we had together for long time and with him heading off to college in August such time might not be available for awhile.
We asked a lot of our '57 MGA and it came through with just a little bit of back-talk. After climbing and descending several mountains to get into Gatlinburg I was assuring the car it had done its work for the trip…only to ask it to make one last hill climb on the drive up to the hotel. Upon entering the parking lot we saw the most MG's assembled in one spot. I pulled over to admire a few A's and soon we were enjoying two bottles of Old Speckled Hen served up by Scotty and Rita from Charleston, SC (random act #2 of the month). Thirty minutes later we checked into the hotel!
The Tail of the Dragon will be remembered for a long time just as much as the drive to get to that route - absolutely beautiful! By Friday of that week I had developed a rather nasty oil leak into my clutch, resulting in some slipping in third gear and especially in fourth. The full diagnosis has yet to be performed but all indications are to pull the engine, replace the clutch and other bits and pieces to be determined. I smell a Tech Session opportunity. With that being done I hope to correct the mysterious loss of gearbox oil too. While preparing for departure home on Saturday, I discovered the gearbox down about a pint. I hadn't expected the need to top this off and was presented with just how to conveniently fill the inconveniently located gearbox. Along comes random act #3, Larry and his MGBGT from Ohio were parked in front of me. Commiserating about such things as the MG designers, Larry pulls out a small turkey baster which seems just made for this operation (and here I've been using the syringe-type filler…nevermore).
Between all the driving time on great MG roads, visiting with old and new friends, hearing stories and seeing All Those MG's, Steve has been pushed over the cliff and he's falling deeper into MG. I'm proud to have had him along and have him meet many of our CMGC members at Gatlinburg (when he wasn't hanging out with new-found friends of his own age). He's now figuring out ways to trade "his" car (read: titled in dad's name) for an MGB. Not that it will happen anytime soon, but we're one step closer to being a multiple MG household!

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