Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2008

Jim Evans The Steering Column
Left Hand Drive

from our President

Road trip! The phrase gets all of us interested, especially when it’s an invitation: anticipation of adventures and memorable experiences comes forth. Road trip! A true rite of the warm weather months, a time to set aside the daily grind, a chance to go exploring. Road trip! The implied occurrence of new sights and sounds, new dining and lodging experiences, and the accumulation of new memories.
This summer, club members will be enjoying the road trip mystique on several occasions: the trek to NAMGAR and NAMGBR annual conventions, the somewhat shorter trips to Jo Daviess Country, Road America camping, an excursion to University Motors, and the weekend tour to sample Wisconsin cheese, beer and other delights. Those who attend these will come back with stories of their experiences, souvenirs of sites visited, and memories that will – most likely – leave them anticipating the next road trip opportunity with the club. Part of what makes these experiences great is the combination of traveling in an MG and traveling with MG friends.
And the club, too, is on a type of road trip this year into new territories: we have revamped the newsletter and have instituted a new program to distribute donated used parts. We have also reintroduced a program of speakers and programs at club meetings, and have also scheduled some intriguing events such as the upcoming “Lucas Night Rally”.
As CMGC members, you are invited to participate in all of these experiences – whether it’s a drive to Philadelphia or a chance to attend a club meeting or an opportunity to simply enjoy thumbing through the new newsletter. So…”get your motor running, and get out on the highway”…summer ends too quickly to let these CMGC opportunities slip by.

Safety Fast, -- Jim Evans

On the cover: Several CMGC members head over to Warrenville for the AHCA Gymkhana.


Follow along with Barney’s restoration throughout this issue. He is almost complete so I thought that I would highlight the start, some pieces from the middle and the end...well, as close to the end as he is!!!


Dean Swanson The Steering Column
Right Hand Drive

from our Vice - President

Well, guys, summer at last!!! Outside of a little too much rain, its very welcomed.
I don't know how much driving anyone is doing, but there sure are enough shows to go to - from Wisconsin to Indiana to Michigan to Illinois, car shows all over the place, and they are all great to go to.
And, if you can't make the official shows, I would like to suggest we have more garage visits. You don't really have to have anything done to your car, just get together with one or two friends to bring some coffee and donuts, maybe, and have the club members in for a gab fest. I know the guys from the "dark side" club do this sort ot thing, and everybody has a good time. Saturday morning from 9:00 AM to noon is enough time to look at and talk cars in a casual atmosphere. I don't know but if it sounds good, let me know and maybe we can get something going.
If I don't seem to have a lot of sage advice or information, its because the wife and I are preparing for a wedding in July! No. 1 Son is going to be tying the knot with a real nice gal! But, you can imagine all the stuff the wife wants done! Immediately!! Clean up this, paint that, fix this, fix that!!! What's an MG'er to do? Just slip into the car for all those little runs to the store.....heh, heh, heh.
And, this month's Natter & Noggin is going to be at Mullen's. We were there a couple ot times in the winter and despite the lousy weather, we had pretty good turnouts, both times. This time, I think we'll be on the patio outside, so we'll have plenty of room to eat, drink and talk MG's without interfering with anyone. This is the sport's bar on Warrenville Rd. in Naperville, just off Interstate 88, so pretty easy to get to if you've got gas or even if you don't have gas....ha, ha! Well, anyway, they loved having us, so we are welcomed.
So, guys and gals, do drive your cars, be safe and have fun even if you feel an Arab oil sheikh is looking up your tail pipe!

Keep the Rubber Side Down.

-- Dean Swanson

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