Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2008
Missouri Endurance Rally - Continued

route including viewing the Chain of Rocks Bridge across the Mississippi. Some year I would like to drive the whole route to Santa Monica Pier. The Illinois portion might make a nice club tour! OK, back to the rally.
We begin Saturday morning with a driver’s meeting and mileage check. This was the beginning of the end for Kim and me. My newly refurbished speedometer was right on, but the trip odometer read 1.5 to 1.9 miles for every mile traveled. A big part of the results depend on the “offset” of your odometer and trip odometer. If the trip odometer is off, it is OK as long as it is consistent. Mine is all over the place and varies a huge amount. Anyway, we were working with a huge handicap from the beginning. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.
The idea of these endurance rallies is to travel to all the check points in the least number of miles in the amount of time allotted. We also seal our driver’s licenses in an envelope. If you get pulled over and ticketed, your envelope is opened and you are disqualified. This year there were twelve stops. At each stop there are questions to answer from readily (?) available sources. We not only drive to these locations, but we have to walk around to answer the questions.

Stay tuned in August for the conclusion to the Missouri Endurance Rally
- John Schroeder

Lucas Memorial Night Rally
August 23, 2008 - 7:00 PM
Starting and ending at:
Dapper's Restaurant
980 W. Lake Street

Addison, IL

We are returning to a long standing tradition of actually running a night rally AT NIGHT. Please arrive between 7:00 pm and 7:15 pm for registration and tech inspection. You will receive all written instructions and question sheets upon registration, so first come, first serve, and there may be an advantage to arriving earlier. A BRIEF Drivers Meeting will be held at 7:30 pm sharp. First car is off directly at sunset at 7:39 pm with other cars to follow at one to three minute intervals. The rally will finish in two hours (or less) back at the starting point. All cars will have the same amount of time to finish. Natter 'n' Noggin and dinner if you like will follow at Dapper's while the crib sheets are scored for trophy presentation (guaranteed within 30 minutes of last car in).
All cars must be street legal, especially lights, brakes, horn and wipers (just in case), so make sure they work before you come. For early cars built with no turn signals the driver must pass a short test on hand signals (and hope other drivers might see your hand in the dark). All North American sale cars built after 1962 are required by law to have working seat belts, and you are required by the state of Illinois to wear them. All


drivers must have a valid Driver's License (valid from state of issue). You will be required to sign (and agree to) the club liability waiver.
Good news is, the rally is FREE ENTRY for all MGs and any other British car built before 1981 or after 1980, and all non-British cars built after 1926. Any car built before 1927 is exempt from running the rally and will be awarded a trophy for one lap around the car park. MG BUCKS will be awarded to all CMGC members who enter the rally as driver or navigator (not other passengers). All entries are equally eligible for trophies (yes, even the new Minis and Miatas). All CMGC members driving or navigating in MG cars are eligible for championship points toward year end awards (subject to rules of the Driving Events Coordinator).
It is recommended (not required) to bring a clip board and flashlight to read instructions and questions. It is also recommended (not required) to bring a pencil to write answers (which will be scored). It is HIGHLY recommended for each car to have a driver AND navigator. All answers to questions will be found on lighted signs along the rally route looking to the front or side (never required to look to the rear).
There is no restriction against using any timing or navigational equipment (including GPS), but such use would most likely be a waste of time. Ferrets or pigs (the four legged type) are not allowed in the cars, but homing pigeons are fair game. There is no restriction against use of cell phones, but chat with other rally contestants might give away as many points as you could gain. The rallymaster will not have a cell phone, so if you get lost you're on your own. We will be cruising around low traffic streets in the western suburbs.

Barney Gaylord - - 630-505-0866
Please see CMGC website for more information

Wine, Cheese, and Beer-chitecture Tour - September 12-14, 2008

We have had to change the hotel in Spring Green. The Prairie House had three or more feet of water in its rooms. We heard from several people in Spring Green the owner turned the keys over to the bank and walked away. We tried to call but the Prairie House numbers have been disconnected. If you already reserved rooms at the Prairie House, or if you plan to join us, please make new reservations at the Round Barn Lodge for September 13. The number for the Round Barn Lodge is (608) 588-2568. The rooms are in the name of the Chicagoland MG Club, so please mention our club when you call to get our rate. I have

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