Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2009

Land’s End Rally
July 11, 2009 - 9:00 AM

All British cars and British car enthusiasts are welcome. CMGC members (and family members) in MG cars get points and MG Bucks. Any car entered is eligible for trophies.

Meet at: Tinseltown USA theater
320 S Lincolnway – (IL Route 31)
North Aurora, Illinois
(see our CMGC web site for map link)

The start point is just south of I-88 on IL-31. Meeting time for registration is 10:30-am (or a bit earlier if you like). All rally materials will be available immediately at registration, so come early for best advantage. Expect a SHORT drivers meeting at 10:50-am and first car off at 11:00-am. There are fast food and breakfast shops and fuel stops immediately south of the meeting point. There will be some additional facilities sprinkled along the rally route. Ending point will be very near the starting point, possibly at Culver's, almost across the street from the start point. The theater parking lot is a suitable location to leave a car parked for the day if needed. This is the same starting point used for the Morris Garages Rally a couple years earlier. If you don't have a navigator, feel free to come and join up with someone at the start point.
This rally will be less than 100 miles (about 80 miles if you don’t do back tracking). There will be a few traffic lights and as much rural roads as possible mostly west outside of the city. This will be a gimmick rally, typical for this club, so there will be questions to answer and papers to score when finished. Hopefully ending time will be no later than 3-pm, followed by a little chat and rest break for scoring and awards.
Barney Gaylord – 630-505-0866 -

14th Annual Camping Trip to Road America, July 17-19, 2009

Coming up soon is the 15th annual Camping Trip at Road America. The race course of Road America is home to the vintage car races. Please check the club website for additional information on this fun event.

Ann and Jake Snyder - - 847-295-2753

61st Lake Forest Antique Auto Show
July 19, 2009 - Lake Forest, IL

Lake Forest Rotary Club presents Fabulous Fins of the 50s and 60s. This will be an official car show event for CMGC with MG Bucks awarded to CMGC members entering their MG in the show. There is more information available at .  Please register by July 9th.

61st Lake Forest Antique Auto Show
July 19, 2009, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Deerpath Middle School
500 Hastings Road
Lake Forest, IL

Lincoln Highway Tour
August 8, 2009

Automotive historians calculate that there were only about 200 miles of paved roads in America at the time of the famous 1895 Thanksgiving Day race from Chicago to Waukegan. Some 20 years (only 20 years!) later, the country had developed many miles of paved roads that were focused primarily in urban areas. Automotive industry tycoons (as they were called back then) saw the need for a more extensive system of roads in order to promote their products. Naturally, they turned to Washington (some things never change) to sponsor a linked series of roadways across America. Thus was born the idea of the Lincoln Highway, an unbroken link of (supposedly) paved road stretching from New York City to San Francisco.
We will drive a section of this famous road from the North Aurora area to Franklin Grove, IL, site of the national Lincoln Highway Association headquarters. Starting point is the parking lot of the North Aurora Activity Center just north of the intersection of IL Rt 56 and IL Rt 31, departing at about 9 AM. We will travel the documented original route of the Lincoln Highway, including a surviving unpaved portion for those bold enough to chance it (alternated paved route available, also).
We will stop at the site of the first “seedling” mile in Malta, IL (note: why didn’t’ they just call it “prototype paved section”?). We will also stop at a restored 1918 Standard Oil Company gas station where you can photograph your car as though it were filling up from the old time gas pump still there. We will arrive in Franklin Grove early afternoon and will lunch in a diner that may have been there since the Lincoln Highway came to town. At this point, some tour members may elect to return home and others may choose to follow the Lincoln Highway to its Illinois terminus in Fulton, IL.
This is a simple driving tour on primarily rural roads. We will pass through a few towns where you will see how the local politicians “boondoggled” to get the official road to pass through their town, to no benefit to the motorists. You will see other areas where progressive highway engineers directed new
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