Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2009

Contents of Your Boot

At our last meeting monthly Jake and Ann Snyder were kind enough to give us a review of “What you Should Carry in your Boot”. This is their compiled list of items that they carry.

How to have a happy Sunday drive:

Check the fluids-brake master, clutch master, engine oil and engine coolant. (Check the gearbox, rear axle and carburetors at least once a year.) Top up the fluids. Check for fuel leaking on the ground. If there is a leak, do NOT DRIVE THE MG.


Start the engine and let it warm up. The oil pressure should be 50 psi at 3000 and the ignition light should be out. Otherwise, do NOT DRIVE THE MG. Check that there is fuel in the tank.


Get your cell phone and IPASS transponder. Take your family radios or CB radio along. Do you have AAAPlus or the equivalent? Check the maps, carry the Club Directory (also NAMGBR if you are a member). Now you can leave your driveway.


Most common failures: Fuel pump stops working (and does not start when bashed with the wheel hammer), distributor points ‘slip closed’. 1975 and later also have an ignition relay on the right inner fender.

Useful tools and parts to keep your comfort level high for a 100 mile Sunday drive:


Used fan belt, two ½ inch wrenches and one 9/16 inch wrench or ratchet and sockets. Rotor for distributor. Mechanic’s wire, selection of nuts and bolts, tape. These cost almost nothing and can fix a lot of problems.


Flashlight, owner’s manual, unopened can of brake fluid, one quart of oil, one gallon of water or coolant, test lamp, jumper wire, accelerator cable.


Emergency fuel pump


Complete, working distributor


Electrical wire 12 or 14 gauge, butt connectors, and crimper tool.

For longer trips of 500-2000 miles:

Alternator, tested and known to be good, with the same electrical plug as fits your car. Water pump and gasket for your particular model (there are two nose lengths, only one of which will fit).


Clutch slave cylinder, brake master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder


Radiator hoses, oil filter bypass hose. Carburetor float valves (if you know how to replace them).


Headlamp switch, brake light switch.


Rubber core plug, 1 3/8 inch.

In addition to the above, Ann forwarded me the link to an achieved CMGC document called “The Complete Boot” written by Jake Snyder and Kim Tonry from the December 1993 Driveline. It’s always fun to look at those old articles! Happy motoring...

Even More Shots from Jo Daviess

A lookout from the Pikes Peak observation deck

A pit stop for car and driver

A quick sample and shop at the Massbach Ridge Winery, our first stop on tour
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