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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Abingdon Double 12 Trials 2001
General Rules

    The purpose of this event is to enjoy the use of your MG in unique setting. The course is designed to test the abilities of both the driver and navigator.

    Competitors will begin at Jumers Hotel in Galesburg IL. They will be given a list of checkpoints. They must visit all of the checkpoints in any order they choose then return with the proofs of visitation required by the rallymasters to Jumers. It should take approximately 1000 miles to complete the course. One of the checkpoints in the list will be Jumers Hotel. It is intended that the competitors will use this checkpoint as a mid-course rest-stop if they choose. Competitors will be required to complete the course by 12:01AM Saturday August 4. This provides much more time than should actually be needed to run the course: The rallymasters, who are notoriously slow drivers, completed the course in about 24 hours including brief stops for meals. There is no need to violate any speed limits. The winner shall be the entrant that completes the course with the lowest offical adjusted mileage.
    The Rallymasters for this event will be Jim and Thad Cousino and Dave Mullis. Rallymasters decisions are final.


A. Any MG meeting the following conditions will be eligible.

  1. The automobile must be in a condition generally considered roadworthy. Beaters are not eligible.
  2. Tires must have tread above the wear bars and no obvious cracks or defects.
  3. There must be at least two functioning headlights (including high and low beams), at least two functioning taillights and at least two functioning brake lights.
  4. There must be no loose equipment that drags on the ground.
  5. Absolutely no additional gasoline containers may be carried in the car during the Trials.
  6. Seatbelts especially the three-point type are highly encouraged.
  7. The automobile must be properly registered and insured consistent with applicable laws. Proof will be required at Registration and Tech. Failure to provide proof of insurance will disqualify the automobile from participation.
B. All drivers must possess a valid driverís licence

C. There are two classes of entry for the 2001 Abingdon Trials: Solo and Team entries:
  1. A solo entry consists of a single competitor (automobile), competing against all other solo entrants.
  2. A team consists of multiple competitors (automobiles) expected to drive as a group, Teams will consist of 2 to 5 cars. The purpose of the team class is to allow a group of competitors to travel together for mutual support and /or aid. Team entrants will be competing against all other team entrants
  3. Each entrant must include either the automobiles owner or specific written permission by the automobiles owner
IV. Description of Competition and Scoring

A. All competitors must be available at the main entrance of Jumerís Hotel in Galesburg, Illinois for registration and tech inspection no later than 7:00 am Thursday, August 2, 2001. Driverís licenses will be sealed in envelopes. Envelopes will be turned into the rallymaster at the completion of the competition. Envelopes that have been opened during the competition will be cause for disqualification. Since competitors will not have assess to their licenses during the rally, they should bring sufficent cash for gas and sundries so that a store clerk asking for ID for a credit card purchase doesnít knock them out of the competition.

B. After registration and tech inspections are completed, the competitors will be lined up and run an odometer check run, in order to correct for odometer differences. Note: EVIDENCE OF ATTEMPTING TO ďRIGĒTHE ODOMETER CHECK SUCH AS BY OBVIOUS WEAVING IN TRAFFIC, WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION OF THE COMPETITOR.

C. At the end of the odometer check, all competitors will gather for a brief meeting and receive a list of checkpoints. Competitors may begin at any time after the odometer check.

D. During the event all competitors must locate and visit the specified locations. and obtain proof of visitation either through securing receipts or answering specific questions. The route chosen, the orders in which the checkpoints are visited, and the speeds driven are all at the discretion of each competitor.

E. Ferryboats are considered legal for this event. (The Hedrick/Tonry Rule)

F. Members of teams are expected to travel as a group with their team. Teams compete against other teams. A teamís official mileage is the highest mileage car in the team.

G. Electronic Navigation aids such as Computers or GPS systems are strictly illegal.

H. Completing certain tasks as specified by the Rallymasters may result in bonus miles being awarded. If awarded, these bonus miles will be subtracted from the competitorís mileage total after odometer correction.

I. The winners will be the solo and team entries completing the course with the lowest official corrected milage.

V. Competitors are expected to behave in a sportsmanlike manner. Any competitor who feels that another Competitor has engaged in unsportsman-like conduct resulting in one Competitor gaining an unfair advantage over another, may make a protest to the Rallymasters. The Rallymasters may investigate the protest, and at his option may alter the final results in the competition or disqualify the offending Competitor

VI. Competitors who find that they are too exhausted to drive safely are encouraged to stop and rest even if this means abandoning the competition. The competitive aspect of the Trial is secondary to the safety of the Competitors.

©2001 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.