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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Left hand drive The Steering Column

Left Hand Drive
from your President

William 'Wilbur' Mennell Sirius, AKA The Dog Star, the brightest star in the August sky, is rising in the constellation Canis Major, hence the dog days of August. Which means its time for an other MG road trip. Not to Abingdon as we have done for the past four years, but to Grand Rapids for John Twist's University Motors Summer Party, the first in five years. As well as more As, Bs, Cs, and T-series than you can shake a gear lever at, there will also be a gathering of the MMM cars and various twin-cams. Cars that we seldom get to see locally. Should be quite a show.

They came in MGs, other LBCs, trucks, and even by bicycle. But they came and had a great time. Thanks to Ann and Jake Snyder for organizing another outstanding trip to Road America for the Historic Races. Even though the races were the focal point for the weekend, and watching Cowboy and Kelvin in their Bs doing battle with a '49 Cadillac from turn 5 was a sight to behold, there were plenty of other activities. Shopping, swimming, campfires, potluck dinner, and a side trip to an 1860s Inn, a working water powered sawmill, and blacksmith shop. Something for everyone. So if you, or your significant other, aren't in to a full weekend of car stuff, there will be plenty else to do on the club's weekend get-a-ways. In addition to Twist's, we also have a fall weekend trip scheduled to Abingdon. Come along and enjoy the beautiful fall weather and colors in the scenic Spoon River country.


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