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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Meeting Minutes
Monday, June 19, 2006

The meeting was called to order by “Wilbur” Mennell, filling in for John Schroeder (who’s en route to the Tenn. MG convention) at 8:03 p.m.
Present were 29 members (none new) and no guests.
The only car project mentioned was Wilbur’s MGB (new seats).

Past Events

Doug Clark -Dave Lieb gave a summary of the “Big Apple to Big Easy” rally held last month, with the criteria that it had to be made in an MG that did not cost more than $250.
-Wade Keene recapped the “something for everybody in the family” 5/20/06 spring tour to Road America.
-Wilbur mentioned that some CMGC members were at the 5/26-5/28 Champagne British Car Festival.
-Tom Josefek summarized the 6/3/06 Land’s End rally. Six cars participated. First prize went to Bill Cantrall, with Jim Evans taking second. At least 40 cars (from CMGC, VMGCC, & BB& B) were at Curt Bork’s, where plenty of good food was available.
-CMGC members and their cars were out in force at the 6/4/06 AHCA autocross Barney’s MGA posted the fastest time for all the British cars. Bob Brownlow’s B and Don Anderson’s B finished 1-2, respectively, among the MGBs. Wilbur had the fastest time with his TD in the T-series class.

Upcoming Events

-The all-register meet in Tenn. from 6/20-6/26 is this week – where several Club members and their cars will be.
-CMGC’s second autocross of the season will be held on 6/25/06.
-On 7/9/06 the British Boots n Bonnets “Wings & Wheels” show will be held at the Poplar Grove Airport.
-Jake Snyder reminded everyone of the 7/14-7/16 camping weekend at Elkhart Lake for the Historic Races. A recap of the schedule of activities was provided. He stressed that those wishing to camp should make a reservation to do so, as the spaces are being filled. It’s possible to get very close to Can-Am, F1, and vintage race cars – and to take photos of same.
-On 7/21/06, American English, the Beatles impersonators (who are very good), will be in downtown Aurora, where MGs are welcomed. For this small car show, a section will be reserved for MGs (were we had several cars last year). We ended up getting two new members last year, as we had a table with information about CMGC.
-On 7/23/06, Dean Swanson will lead a tour of the far western suburbs. It is to last 2-3 hours. The starting point will be at Rte. 59 & Butterfield Road. Club members should check the Internet for further details.
-We are still awaiting details for the 8/20/06 tour to Jo Davies County & Galena. Dan Herman has volunteered to organize this. It will be either a one-day or a two-day tour.
-CMGC will hold an autocross on 8/2706.
-The Donald Healey rally will be held on 9/9/06. The BCU Festival will be on 9/10/06 at Moraine Valley Community College. Volunteers from CMGC will be needed to help. Dean Swanson is the new representative from CMGC who will serve the BCU.
-The second annual Wisconsin Beer, Wine, and Cheese tour (to be organized again by John Schroeder) will be on 9/16-9/17.
-The Abingdon Weekend, which will coincide with the Knox County Color Tour, will be 10/6-10/8.

Other Business

-Jim Evans and Wade Keene gave an update on the Club’s project car. People are needed to perform the necessary work on the car. A schedule of dates (with this Sat. being the next) has been published in The Driveline and is included in the Club’s web site.
-Kim Tonry mentioned that MG/Lola enjoyed success recently at LeMans.
-Dave Lieb and Barney provided some information about MGB overdrive conversions, in response to a question by Victor L’Heureux.
-Wilbur said numerous local car shows will be held, with information about some available at the front table.
-A new book, Aspects of Abingdon is available.
-Kim Tonry mentioned that in honor of the 40th anniversary of Grand Prix, a DVD has been released (available at The Motorsport Collector in Downers Grove).


-Tools – Jim Evans (nothing new to report).
-Regalia – David L. Ransom, Jr. – (nothing new to report).
-Webmaster – Barney gave an update on his project of posting old newsletters to the web site.
-Library – Dave Lieb mentioned the addition of two new books: one about Lynn St. James, and the other, the 2006 Illinois Vehicle Code (which, with 54 more pages than the 2004 edition, should perhaps be re-titled Big, Bold & Boring).

At 8:50 we took a break, during which time Club members socialized and 50/50 raffle tickets were sold. After the break, the 50/50 raffle ($11) was won by Mike Hirsch. The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

©2006 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.