Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline August 2008
Cruise Night in Cary, IL
Wednesday, July 9th

Things were quite festive in downtown Cary Wednesday, July 9th as the Cary Cruise Night got underway. Muscle cars, antique cars, and sports cars jockeyed in position along the two-block stretch of Main Street to get in position after the road was closed at 6 PM to traffic. It was Import Car night so these cars got priority viewing spots. There were five British cars in attendance – 4 MG’s and 1 Bugeye Sprite. Al Meyer’s recently restored (from the chassis up) 1951 red MGTD took first place. Kevin Cunningham of Fox River Grove displayed his 1959 red MGA while Ron Cleys of Algonquin and Victor L’Heureux of Cary showed their 1971 orange MGB and 1967 red MGB respectively. The DJ played 50-60’s dance music; street vendors sold pizza, beef sandwiches, shaved ice and hot dogs. The weather was perfect for a stroll along all the fine automobiles and talking shop to the many participants.

Penny L’Heureux modeling a 1967 MGB Roadster at the Cary Cruise Night

08-08-08 Caravan

We will leave for the 08-08-08 event at University Motors in two groups. (please see last Month Driveline for details about the event in general)
  The first caravan will leave the Lincoln Oasis on I-94 at 12 Noon on Thursday August 7. We will spend the night in Grand Rapids and participate in the official tour to the picnic leaving 08:08:08 AM on Friday morning.
  The second group will leave the Lincoln Oasis on I-94 at 8 AM on Friday and go to the picnic place on the beach of Lake Michigan directly.
  We are planning to stay overnight on Friday and go by the Gilmore Car Museum (just outside of Kalamazoo, MI) on the return trip on Saturday. We may first scoop out the announced parking lot activities with vendors etc. and leave late morning, spend a few hours in the museum and be back early in the evening.
  Please call or e-mail Reinout Vogt at 847-342-9804, if you have any questions about the Thursday group. The Friday group will contact Jim Evans, 630-858-8192, if you have any questions.


Lucas Memorial Night Rally
August 23, 2008 - 7:00 PM
Starting and ending at:
Dapper's Restaurant
980 W. Lake Street

Addison, IL

Come one, come all. We are returning to a long standing tradition of actually running a night rally AT NIGHT (imagine that). Please arrive between 7:00 pm and 7:15 pm for registration and tech inspection. You will receive all written instructions and question sheets upon registration, so first come first serve, and there may be an advantage to arriving earlier. A BRIEF Drivers Meeting will be held at 7:30 pm sharp. First car is off directly at sunset at 7:39 pm with other cars to follow at one to three minute intervals (depending on number of entries). The rally will finish in two hours (or less) back at the starting point. All cars will have the same amount of time to finish. Natter 'n' Noggin and dinner if you like will follow at Dapper's while the crib sheets are scored for trophy presentation (guaranteed within 30 minutes of last car in).
All cars must be street legal, especially lights, brakes, horn and wipers (just in case), so make sure they work before you come. For early cars built with no turn signals the driver must pass a short test on hand signals (and hope other drivers might see your hand in the dark). All drivers must have a valid Driver's License (valid from state of issue). You will be required to sign (and agree to) the club liability waiver.
Good news is, the rally is FREE ENTRY for all MGs and any other British car built before 1981 or after 1980, and all non-British cars built after 1926. MG BUCKS will be awarded to all CMGC members who enter the rally as driver or navigator (not other passengers). All entries are equally eligible for trophies (yes, even the new Minis and Miatas). All CMGC members driving or navigating in MG cars are eligible for championship points toward year end awards (subject to rules of the Driving Events Coordinator).
It is recommended (not required) to bring a clip board and flashlight to read instructions and questions. It is also recommended (not required) to bring a pencil to write answers (which will be scored). It is HIGHLY recommended for each car to have a driver AND navigator, as it is tough enough to read route instructions while driving, let alone writing. All answers to questions will be found on lighted signs along the rally route looking to the front or side (never required to look to the rear). There is no restriction against back tracking, but the clues may not be visible going back . There will also be a substantial points deduction for being long on mileage, so it probably won't help to back track much in the time allowed.
You will NOT be required to know anything about cities or streets in advance other than normal Rules of the Road, and any "perceived" prior knowledge may be more detrimental than helpful.

Barney Gaylord - - 630-505-0866
Please see CMGC website for more information

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