Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline August 2009

Road America Camping 2009
July 17-19, 2009

The annual camping trip to the Kohler International Challenge at Road America near Elkhart Lake Wisconsin was again an enjoyable experience for everyone. The ideal formula is to ask the boss for a few hours off on Friday, get to Plymouth Rock Campground across the road from the track and quarter mile south of Gate 5 by 4 P.M. and start the weekend after setting up the tents.

There were four MGs (plus one Jaguar-Ford) and members attending included Ed Misch, John Schoeder, Bill Hedrick, Bill and Sally Mennel, Ed Polonus and his son Griffin, Dave and Susie Tucker, Fred and Gayle Baker and Diane and Kim Tonry.
The weekend really did not begin perfectly for us. Our trip was delayed by the new traffic patterns in Milwaukee (yes, we made a wrong turn and had to retrace through the downtown area and it is very worth seeing) and got to the campground a little late. Of course, there is a hard choice to make between seeing the race cars parade to the race car concours at about 6 P.M. on Friday and setting up tents in the daylight. The mature considerations triumphed and we missed the race car parade. Then it was off to supper at the Sheboygan County Marsh where the campground and restaurant is operated by Three Guys and a Grill. The reason for going to this restaurant was one of reconnaissance – we wanted to know if the fifteen dollar a night camping fee (twenty five dollars with electricity and a mound that looked flood-resistant) was a reasonable tradeoff for the forty-eight dollar fee at Plymouth Rock. There were no mosquitoes at all, a consequence of the 60 degree temperature. The drizzling rain forced us under the porch at the restaurant as we waited for tables. In the end, the group decided that the convenience of Plymouth Rock Campground was worth the extra money for those who did not wish to deal with the more primitive conditions of the Sheboygan County Marsh, but both options should be provided in the future. As far as Plymouth Rock Campground goes, there are fewer camping spots every year and more seasonal homes; even the advertising is decreasing.
Saturday was track day for some and general touring for others. A few elected to stay closer to the campground, which is gradually getting to be a destination vacation area with a lot of activities for children. The featured marque at the track


this year was the historic Ford GT 40 racing cars that were built and raced internationally in the mid-1960s. The striking ‘Gulf Oil’ colors are still available on the current production Ford GTs (substantial optional charge). Thank you, Mr. Enzo Ferrari, rest your soul– without your recalcitrance the world would have been deprived of both Lamborghini and the GT40s. And thank you, Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini and Mr. Henry Ford II for settling you perceived insults in a gentlemanly manner that enhances those who see the result of your revenge.
We had the usual Saturday night supper together, every one doing their own grilling and sharing a dish they had brought. As always, there was much too much food and drink, but we all tried hard. There were welcome campfires on Friday and Saturday (thanks, Bill and Debby, for the firewood), though the cold weather seemed to drain everyone to the point that everyone crawled into their tents at an early hour both nights.
Sunday came too soon. Some went to the track again and others parted for their next destination. Of the few ways back, we selected Route 67 for most of the trip, gradually easing through the spectacular Kettle Moraine area into the bustle of the next week.
-- Jake and Ann Snyder

Lincoln Highway Tour
August 8, 2009

The staring point is the north parking lot of the North Aurora Activity Center (just north of the intersection of IL Rt 56 and IL Rt 31, east side of the road), departing about 9 AM. We will travel the documented original route of the Lincoln Highway from this starting point to Franklin Grove IL, site of the national Lincoln Highway Association Headquarters.
There will be several stops at interesting points along the way, including a restored 1918 Standard Oil gas station. After lunch in Franklin Grove, some tour members may elect to continue on the Lincoln Highway all the way to Fulton, IL on the Mississippi.
This a simple driving tour on primarily rural roads once out of the metropolitan area. Arrival time in Franklin Grove will be about noon with a 70 mile drive; extended tour to Fulton is about 50 additional miles with an expected arrival at about 1 ˝ hours after lunch. Those who wish may join up with the tour along the way by meeting us at the parking lot of Faith Assembly Church, located ˝ mile west of IL Rt 47 on Keslinger Rd near Elburn. We will pass this point between 9:45 AM and 10:00 AM. For tour information, please contact Jim Evans at 630-858-8192 or cell phone on the tour at 630-209-8602.

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