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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

Meeting was called to order at 8:15 p.m. by Tom Josefek, Sharon Anderson and Steve Selan along with 55 members being present. Also present for their first meeting were new members Dennis Humphrey, Nick Jacobs and Jim Liddle.


Utica Auto-Cross/Enduro-Cross: Mike Olsen, rally master, reported two successful driving events completed in the last month. At the auto-cross, 16 drivers competed with 11 drivers competing in the enduro-cross. These were the last events that will be run at the Utica Raceway, since it is scheduled to be turned into a strip mall at the end of August. Everyone who attended spoke highly of the well-organized events. We are now in the process of looking for a new venue. Anyone who has a lead on an available short track that will allow MG's to race should contact Mike. Results of these two events will be published elsewhere in the Driveline.
Boots & Bonnets Vintage Wheel and Aircraft Show: The Rockford British Car Club held a successful car show at the Rockford Airport where on display were vintage cars along with vintage aircraft. Our own Curt Bork took first place in the car show with his MGTD.
Around the World Car Rally:Jack Feldman and Barney Gaylord regaled the membership with a lengthy dissertation on their brief participation in the local portion of the Around the World Car Rally which ran through the upper peninsula of Michigan. Apparently, 42 cars are still running. Additional information and photographs of the participants can be found at our web site.


Road America Camping Trip: Scheduled for the weekend of July 21 through July 23, 2000 at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Jake and Ann Snyder advised there were still a few choice spots located at the Plymouth Rock Campground. They promise a full report on the event at the next meeting.
Abington 2000 Summer Party: David Bralich advised that the Jumers Hotel in Galesburg is now totally booked with 125 rooms having been reserved by attendees. However, we have only received 55 registrations, so apparently many of those who have booked rooms have not yet sent in their registrations. If you are planning to attend, please send in your paperwork now, since we have to make the appropriate arrangements for food services with the hotel as soon as possible. For those who have not yet booked a room, there is an overflow hotel across the street. You can make your reservations for this facility through Jumers.
Grand Tour Endurance Rally: Bill Hedrick advised that the rally run in conjunction with our Abbington event will be a double 12 hour rally with the City of Northfield, Minnesota as the half-way point. General rally rules will be available at our internet site.
Lucas Night Rally: Susie Tucker advised that she will be responsible for the planning and operation of this year's Lucas Night Rally now scheduled for August 5, 2000. This will be a straightforward rally to be run at night. This is always one of the highlights of the driving season, and everyone is encouraged to attend. The Chicagoland Miata Club has been invited and will be there in force. They also consider this event the highpoint of their driving season. So, let's not let the Miatas outnumber the MG's like last year. Further information can be found elsewhere in Driveline.
British Car Festival, DesPlaines: Dave Bralich advised he is looking for 30 volunteers to work traffic control and car park at this year's BCU event, now scheduled for September 10, 2000 at Oakton Community College in DesPlaines. As always, our club will have the largest contingent of members on the field, and, therefore, we are responsible for the largest number of volunteers. Please contact Dave if you can give up a half hour. Steve Selan also advised that the club will have its membership tent up and will need at least one additional member to work with him in signing up new members.
Lands End Rally: Tom Josefek advised that the three-day event is now scheduled to run September 22 through the 24th. There will be a fish fry on Friday, a banquet on Saturday and brunch on Sunday morning. More details in the near future.

50-50 Raffle: Was won by Jeff Morris.

Evening Entertainment: Dave Bralich gave an informative talk on the repair, operation and rebuild of SU carburetor. He also advised that a tech session on the rebuild of a 1600 series MGA engine will be conducted at the home of Barney Gaylord on August 12, 2000, with a follow up session on September 2, 2000. Contact Barney or Dave for further information.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:15 p.m.

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