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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Subject: MG/Lola in Hillclimb
From "Kelvin Palmer"
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2002 092621 -0500

The following was clipped from the MG - UK bulletin boards (under MGB General). This guy went to watch (and photographed) the MG/Lola LeMans car at a hillclimb event over there.

Two examples of MGs that have run at Le Mans
Only 35 years between them

From: Michael Watkins, Sutton Coldfield UK,

Hi guys,

Iím taking the liberty of wondering if you guys from the US of A would like to have a look at the pictures Iíve managed to take of the MG Le Mans cars. Iím pleased with the pics of a round of pit-stops at Le Mans, but Iím still quite thrilled at the snaps I took at Shelsley Walsh last weekend.

Let me explain. Firstly, I guess many of you donít bother with the MG Car Company board, (too many idiots there, arenít there?)so may not have seen my post.

Secondly, I just thought it was great that MG Rover took an EX257 to Shelsley Walsh, (car no. 26 at Le Mans) to show the car to real enthusiasts, and I want to give them as much publicity as I can in my own small way.

Thirdly, a further explanation; Shelsley Walsh is a hillclimb. Itís a short ribbon of tarmac that threads up a side of the Teme valley, in Worcestershire. It is a beautiful spot, and to go there and to be able to watch some motorsport is always a great pleasure. Itís also just about as far removed from the rigours of Les 24 Heures du Mans as itís possible to be. Except when it comes down to speed, I suppose. All over the world, theyíre all trying to go as fast as they can!

Shelsley always has a relaxed atmosphere in the paddock. There are never any restrictions to access, and so to have been able to stand right next to, or lean right over on, and look and take pictures was fantastic. The car also makes a hell of a noise!

Thing was, I had no idea the car was going to be there. Iíd just gone along to lend a hand to a mate who was driving in the Shelsley Specials class. (Donít ask, itís weird)

Iíve posted the pics on picture site I run for my local club, at

These are of the MGs only.

Should you wish to see more of the cars of the weekend, (and donít worry, I know thereís little more boring than someone elseís pictures)theyíre at
Whilst at that site, feel free to post your pictures of your days out, or adventures with your cars. Donít bother too much with static shots of MGBs, but Iíd like to see some great American scenery, or shots of your club outings.

Kind regards,

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