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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

August Autocross

Those that missed the August autocross missed a fun one. After a few runs and Cowboy putting an additional pointer cone in a trouble spot everyone found their way around and we had some very tight competition. It was a short course due to a few cars that were left out in the lot, but we had time to make six runs each, plus a few fun runs. I'd like to thank Pat Morse for letting me take his TD out for a run - fun car! Bill "Wilbur" Mennell also loaned his car to me for a few runs at the end (thanks). As far as I could tell, there's nothing real special about his car, he just drives it well. Even better than the competition, everyone had a fun time and we saw some new faces. A few were apprehensive, but they went out and found that their cars did not break and they were not only able to drive an autocross, but also enjoy it. It was great to see the folks that are relatively new to this make some great improvements through the event. We may have a few converts to sporting driving.

We have two more autocrosses this year, plus the "Famous Abingdon Gymkhana" coming up, so mark your calendars. I hope to see you there.

Results with times - you may notice the times indicate the wisdom of the timer purchase last year!

Novice Class:
1st - Kevin Carlson - 40.074 sec
2nd - Clark Childress - 40.326
3rd - Rich Hall - 40.963

Guest class
1st - Kevin Bailey, Mini - 32.488
2nd - Larry Drummond, Audi - 33.584

MG T series
1st - Pat Morse, TD - 38.252
2nd - Doug Clark, TF - 45.271

The rest of the MGs
1st - Barney Gaylord, MGA - 32.740
2nd - Bill Mennell, MGB - 32.778
3rd - Dave 'Cowboy' Bralich, MGB - 35.988
4th - Wade Keene, Mennell's 'B - 36.963

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