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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Grand Lake Tour Mk XIII
August 18-19, 2005
"aRick" Ingram, Rallye Master

The thirteenth running of the Grand Lake Endurance Challenge was held on Thursday and Friday, August 18-19, 2005 in conjunction with the University Motors Summer Party Reunion in Grand Rapids, MI. This endurance rallye, better known as "The Lap", is the second "jewel" of the Triple Crown Endurance Series. The first of the series is the "Missouri Endurance Run" held annually in March out of St.Louis; the third is the "Abingdon Trials" which was first held out of Abingdon, IL in the fall of each year and has most recently been held out of south-central Indiana (Columbus and Jasper) during the same time frame.

"aRick" Verhey and "bRick" Ingram of TwoRickRacin' - A Division of Team Fokowie were rallye masters again this year. There was a theme to this year's rallye-race tracks. Teams visited sixteen checkpoints which included various raceways, the Mackinaw Bridge, a few other spots, and the Manitowoc car-ferry landing. (The car-ferry landings were included in the rallye as checkpoints because the rallye masters took advantage of this four hour crossing of the big lake as opposed circumnavigating it, a luxury to which the participants were not allowed!!) There were no checkpoints in Illinois or Indiana.

Eight teams entered "The Lap" this year. Most had participated in the rallye in previous years, but we did have a very enthusiastic novice team enter as well! Four of the teams were husband/wife! Only one team failed to visit all checkpoints and complete the rallye (due to a mechanical failure near Milwaukee) and one team was disqualified for not completing the rallye within the time limit allowed. Actual mileage for the "best route" based on "Streets and Trips" software was 1074 miles.

Results of the rallye were:

DNF- John and Carol Mangles (MGA V8 conversion),(universal joint failure)
DQ - Robert and Vonda Rushing (1971 MGB Tourer),(time limit)
Sixth Place- 1117.19 miles Craig Wikholm and Brad "Burntyard" Wikholm (1969 MGB Tourer)*
Fifth Place- 1115.53 miles Rick Hamaker and Ray Kirn (1970 MGB Tourer)
Fourth Place- 1115.23 miles Curt Bork and Reinout Vogt (1951 MGTD)
Third Place- 1104.46 miles Rob and Tommie Camblin (1967 MGB/GT)
Second Place- 1097.09 miles Adrian and Sally VanOsch (1972 MGB Tourer)
First Place- 1092.12 miles  Gerry Cahill and Bill Davidson (1974 MGB/GT)*novice

All participants received a dash plaque. Trophies were awarded for the first three places; ribbons awarded for the first six. The first place team also took home the "Chicagoland Cup", a traveling trophy for this event. Once again, the test of man and machine was successfully taken and proven - in an MG!

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