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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

Larry's Laugh Along Rally

Rally Scores

Laugh Along Rally Results

Driver Navigator First Place Dave Lieb Michaela Lieb Second Place Steve Gorr Beth Gorr Third Place John Schroeder Bob Simon

Thanks to all for participating in my Laugh Along Rally! It was a glorious day weather-wise, the sun was shining about one hundred miles an hour and the temperature was manufactured specifically for convertibles!

The route I chose for this rally took you through some incredible neighborhoods. Tree lined streets, fabulous houses, and some amazing lawn art lined the way. In writing some of my past rallies, I was able to get the route out into the country for a nice "drive in the country" sort of day. But as everyone well knows, the "country" is getting further away and harder to reach. So, I came up with the idea to use the small "secret" roads that local townspeople use to avoid the main arteries to drive from town to town. The "Laugh Along" scheme incorporated corny jokes into the form of questions associated with landmarks to be found while driving the route. Hopefully, I got a few chuckles from the participants as they drove along. To keep the "Laugh Along" theme going, and complete the rally, I figured the trophies should reflect the events of the day. A trip to Riley's Trick Shop provided the necessary novelties. Isn't it something how rubber chickens always get a laugh!

(Editor's note: My jaw was sore from this event! Larry had some real thigh slappers!)

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