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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
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Damn Kids Nowadays
August 27th Autocross

Itís been awhile since I wrote about the ongoing contest my nephew and I have at our clubís autocross events. I let him win some but over the course of a season I prevail. On August 27th, his first time out this year, he just barely squeaked by me to take the family honors. Damn Kid. The fact that he was running the timing equipment at the time Iím sure had nothing to do with his getting the better score. Will he have the chutzpah to show up at the next event to defend his position?
In all we had fourteen drivers at the event, four of whom were in their teens or early 20ís. Nice young men all. But three of the four were with Japanese cars. Apparently the next generation enjoys autocrossing, but itís up to you to show them the light. Bring your kids (or grandkids) out to the next event and show them the thrill of spirited driving in an MG before they go over to the dark side.
We had a nice collection of cars; including a canary yellow 427 Cobra and a new white Lotus Elise. Beautiful. A BMW (Z4?) stopped by for a minute but left. I think that the MGs scared him off. Or maybe it was the Cobra. Barney had the best time of the day and the Miata placed mid-field with the MGBs, so as a club we did well. A lot of cones were hit, and with a 2 second penalty each, the time adds up. Maynard set a new club record, 10 cones in one run while testing the Lotus. The best of four runs is the official time.

MGA: Barney Gaylord 45.879 Best time of day MGB Chrome: Kyle Sieben 49.334 Wilbur Mennell 50.009 Wade Keene 50.061 Mike Shuck 50.698 dnf MGB Rubber: Maynard Hirsch 52.707 Guests: John Martino Lotus Elise 49.174 BillGreenwald Miata 50.204 Carl Sarro Honda del Sol 50.892 Brandon Baide Scion TC 52.008 CT Sarro Honda del Sol 53.581 Bob Melman Cobra 59.847 Kyle Lowry Scion TC 60.463 Jim Sieben Pontiac G Prix 66.623

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