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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Meeting Minutes
Monday, August 21, 2006

The meeting was called to order by John Schroeder precisely at 8:00 p.m.
Present were 43 members (none new) and two guests (Herb Smith from Batavia – ’77 B and Alan Elliot from Hillside – ’79 Midget).
The following car projects / problems were mentioned:
-Seth Jones’ brother is restoring his MGB
-Stan Camporini has a slave cylinder problem with his ’77 B
-Gary Cooke’s ’72 B passed the Ill. emissions test with the help of an $8 fuel additive, Guaranteed to Pass
-Seth Jones has been assembling a BGT that was dormant for six years and would like to know what the engine compartment is supposed to look like
-Oscar Gonzales says the Ill. I-Pass doesn’t work in his MG – others in the Club said they’ve had a similar problem

Past Events

Doug Clark On 7/21/06 (in the rain), 14 cars – 7 of them MGs – were at the Downtown Alive Aurora concert and car show.
Dean Swanson recapped his 7/23/06 summer tour (with six MGs) of the far west suburbs, which included a lunch stop at the Blackberry Inn.
Doug Clark provided a brief report on a car show he attended on 8/13/06 while on vacation in northern Michigan. It was put on by the Traverse City based Twin Bay British Car Club. Present were 90 cars, 75 of them British, with the featured marque being Triumph. The best of show award went to an MGA coupe.
On 8/19-8/20, 13 MGs went on the tour of Jo Daviess County organized by Dan Herman, which featured sensational driving on great roads.

Upcoming Events

This Friday, 8/25/06, is Import Night at the Downers Grove Cruise Night.
An autocross will be held at 9:00 a.m. at the Cantera Theatres in Warrenville. On Sat., 9/9/06, the Donald Healey Memorial Rally (details of which should be on the BCU web site), in conjunction with the next day’s BCU Festival, will be run.
On Sun., 9/10/06, is the BCU car show at Moraine Valley Community College. Dean Swanson, the Club’s liaison with the BCU, needs marshals to direct the cars, as it is the Club’s responsibility to do this. Oscar Gonzales pointed out that those who are marshals have the benefit of seeing many cars without having to walk around to do so
John Schroeder gave an update on the plans for the 9/16-9/17 Wisconsin Wine, Cheese, Beer, and Shakespeare tour. He said 34 people have signed up, with 18 planning to attend the play (Julius Caesar) the play will be at 3:00 on Sat., 9/16 The Prairie House Inn is full he needs to work out the rest of the details which will be on the CMGC web site
John said that Cantigny will hold a car show on 9/24/06.
Bob Schultz gave an update on the 10/6-10/8 Abingdon weekend, and urged those interested in attending to refer to the web site.
On Sat., 10/21/06, a fall color tour will be organized by Seth Jones, with the possible route being along Sheridan road in the northern suburbs.

Other Business

Wade gave an update on the Club’s project car, a ’77 B (being restored at his facility). The rocker panel assemblies and doglegs have been welded. After the body work is finished, work will be done on the front suspension. The engine and transmission appear sound. The dates for working on the car are in the CMGC web site
A general discussion was held on the level of participation in Club activities, esp. the driving events, with input from Wade, Bob Brownlow, Bob Schultz, Diana Gonzales, Victor L’Heureux, and “Cowboy”.


Regalia – David L. Ransom, Jr. says that the long-awaited car badges have arrived. A limited supply are available, and Wade has offered to stamp each one. A badge, together with a lapel pin, is available for sale at a discount.
Treasury – Jim Evans gave the quarterly (4/1/06-6/30/06) report. -income for the quarter was $749, with corresponding expenditures of $1,824 approx. balances are $5,100 (checking account) and $10,000 (savings account)
Tools – Jim Evans said the Club has bought an emergency flashing unit that can be used when towing.
Membership – Wade said the Club currently has 242 paid-up members (no word on the number of “deadbeats”).
Library – no report
At 8:45 we took a break, during which time Club members socialized and 50/50 raffle tickets were sold.
After the break, the 50/50 raffle winners were drawn – Jim Renkar, who wanted the cash ($16), and Roger Goebbert, who received a car care kit.
The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

©2006 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.