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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
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Russ Mehaffey
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Right Hand Drive

Talk about crunch time! I last reported the need to pull my engine and gearbox. The plan was to be back running in 2 to 3 weeks. All well intentioned and in the end all out the window.
The pulling part was easy. I have to thank everyone who showed up on July 30th and I’m sorry their names weren’t recorded; but we had at least 11 people getting dirty and/or lending their support. The diagnosis of the gearbox: a very dry, hard front oil seal (which is what I suspected) lending to an oily clutch plate: perfect, we expected and planned on replacing that. Internal diagnosis: second gear syncro ring badly worn, lay shaft badly worn, general slop in the remote and a drive shaft that is some mix of parts revealing only one-half engagement on the tail shaft (and likely not sitting on the rear seal properly). Off to Dr. Barney’s clinic the following Saturday for a five-hour rebuild/education session where I emerged with, what I believe to be, a perfect gearbox. So you’d think I’m half or more done with the whole process, right? Not quite.
The main bearings were slated to be replaced as long the engine is out…but what size bearing? Talk about crazy parts in an old car! There is a long story here which I will gladly share over a pint for those that want join me. Suffice it to say that Mr. Driving Events came through with a nice looking set of new bearings (thanks, Wade).
Unfortunately, other projects around the house took precedence and I could not make the Jo Daviess Tour. I understand there was a very good turnout and as usual a great time was enjoyed by all. But now that my home projects are complete and my son has been delivered to college, the MGA is the focus of my world. And the sights are set on the Wine, Cheese, Beer and Shakespeare Tour! The bar was set high last year and I know John and Ann will easily raise that with this year’s tour. We can’t wait.
The new, improved and revised plan is to have the engine reinstalled Labor Day weekend and that is just 7 days from this writing. Talk about crunch time! I’ve missed a lot of great MG days and trips…but no more! Be Safe – and Fast!

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