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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
CMGC Project Car Update
The next project tech day will be
Saturday, September 1, 2007 - 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Followed by Sept 22 and Sept 29

The project location is:
25W151 Lacey Avenue, Naperville, IL 60563

(Click for map)

Installing engine I know, by the time this newsletter is delivered, the first date above date will already have passed, but this is a progress report as well as a work schedule.
On August 4 we were slightly low on hands with only four people to move it along. Still we managed to apply a second coat of yellow paint in critical parts of the engine bay and install the pedal box assembly, heater box, and a few other bits on the heater shelf.
On August 18 we hand more help with I think 8 people at one point. We got the engine off the stand, got the engine back plate and flywheel cleaned up along with engine rear gasket surface, and got the rear plate and flywheel and clutch installed. In short order we had the gearbox mated to the engine most of the gearbox rear mounting parts assembled, and were dropping whole assembly into the car. By day's end the engine and gearbox were bolted down securely on the mounts, and we are getting close to painting day.
Next session is set for September 1st, hoping for a quick once over with 400 grit wet paper just before painting. If all goes well the car can be out for painting while we have a couple of weekends scheduled for fun car events.
Schedule of project car work dates:
Sept 1, Saturday at 9am - Yes we know it's Labor Day weekend, but Aug 26 was stepped on by rain date for Orphan Auto Picnic. Anyone who can come on this Saturday would be appreciated. The push here is to get it toegther enough to go to the paint shop. The car body will need a final wet sanding with 400-grit emery paper just before going to paint. We should get rear brakes, clutch slave, and master cylinder, installed, bled and working. Time allowing, final bits in gearbox mount, propshaft, some engine accessory parts, and wheel painting if possible. If we can get it prepped for painting it may get painted during our following three week break for play time.
Sept 8-9, No work. Time for Healey Rally and British Car Festival.
Sept 15-16, No work. Beer, Wine, Cheese and Pioneer Tour.
Sept 22, HOPING the car will be yellow by this date. Carpet, interior panels, console, seats, weather strip, door windows, exterior trim, radiator, lights and wiring, bumpers, windscreen. Boot latch, luggage rack, ragtop, tonneau cover, bonnet stops, wheel paint and detailing, and anything else left to drive it away.
Sept 29, Anything not done the week before. - If you're wondering what is going to be done on any particular day, feel free to call or e-mail.

Wade Keene - 708-752-1701 -
Jim Evans - 630-858-8192 -
Barney Gaylord - 630-505-0866 -

More photos and notes at:

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