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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
CMGC Attends UML
MG Summer Party Extravaganza

August 9-12, 2007 - Grand Rapids, MI
CMGC picnic at MG Summer Party

In the last issue of your favorite MG publication we talked a little bit of the history of this historic University Motors event in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The scaled back 2007 version was attended by about 250 MG's, with most of them being MGB's which of course included the featured 1980 LE's. The rest was made up of MGA's, T-Types and three pre-war models. The 22 members of our club traveled in various ways and times. The irregularity of the Summer Party may bring the number of MG's down a little bit, but it doesn't take away the heart of the event, camaraderie and friendship, when we all got together for the Friday afternoon and evening party in the parking lot of the hotels. The Saturday car show had a somewhat unique aspect for many participants. The cars were not lined up by model, as usual, but by color. That idea was first suggested by Ray Glorioso for our own Abingdon parties. Unfortunately, Ray passed away before we finally did it a few years ago, and now his idea was used on a large scale! It certainly helps to minimize some of the competitiveness of the show and emphasized the social aspect more. Several clubs had their traditional picnic lunch at the Saturday car show. And guess what? That too was just as before., burgers, brats and a keg of beer. And just as in previous editions, the party continued on the hotel parking lot until the keg was empty (and that happened a lot quicker than you might think). The banquet was in the air-conditioned hotel (another advantage of a smaller group) and the guest speaker was Ken Smith, of the MGB LE registrar. Ken did also a couple of LE sessions throughout the weekend, which was further rounded out by MG vendors, valve cover racing, and tours to University Motors, a shopping mall, and the local ice cream factory. Most, if not all of the Chicagoland MG Club members had attended previous MG Summer Parties, and we felt right at home again. I have been at most of the Summer Parties since 1988 but this year marked a unique 'first'. No traffic delays, back-ups, due to major construction. We sailed right through both ways! So if John and Caroline Twist decide to have another one next year, don't get scared of the traffic horror stories of the past and come out and join us.

Reinout Vogt - (847) 342-9804 -
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