Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline September 2008
University Motors 08-08-08 Picnic

Just under 20 CMGC members journeyed to the Grand Rapids, MI area for this year’s University Motors event. This was a decidedly low-key event this year, more in the mode of some of UM’s very early summer “picnics”, with limited events and a focus on MG camaraderie rather than a major show, and a

The start of the tour to the park, 08-08-08 at 08 min after 08

very different timetable. Those on hand Friday morning caravanned to a lovely park on the shore of Lake Michigan for a BYO picnic combined with hiking and beach coming; there was no planned car show but, of course, a considerable amount of time was spent inspecting cars parked in the lot. Interestingly enough, one of the spectators was a Japanese automotive engineer, currently on assignment in Detroit for Isuzu, who has a lovely chrome bumper “B” back in Japan and wanted to see some other examples. Attendees were on their own Friday night for dinner and the usual parking lot party. On Saturday, several of the CMGC cars stopped by the Gilmore Car Museum near Kalamazoo, MI. This institution has an excellent collection of automobiles going back to the earliest steam and electric powered vehicles. There is an extensive group of early “brass era” cars; also well represented are “classic” Packard’s, Deusenberg’s, Auburn’s, and the like from the 20’s onward.

Lunch at the park


Orphan Car Picnic
Sunday, August 17, 2008

This year’s Orphan Car Picnic was well attended with over 200 cars on site. This included 13 CMGC cars as well as 9 other MG’s from VMGCC and independents. Attendees parked on a shaded lawn, set up their chairs and “barbies”, then strolled through the collection as they chose. Well represented marques included Studebaker, Packard, and Corvair. There were many unique entries: Invicta, Bricklin, Delorean, Impperial, Hudson, Henry J, Nash and Metropolitan, Overland, Daimler and more. An often heard comment: “My family had one of these!” There were plenty of door prizes and free beverages. This was an outstanding first-time event for our club; if you like old cars, plan on attending next year.

Sycamore Race Track Demo Derby
Friday, August 22, 2008

Several CMGC members accepted the invitation of the ISOA (aka Triumph owner’s club) to join them at their annual excursion to this grassroots event. Many CMGC members no doubt attended similar events at the old Santa Fe Speedway south of LaGrange years ago; if you did, this would surely bring back some memories. Sitting in the bleachers on a summer night, unmuffled exhaust pipes roaring, cars sliding around the corner on the clay track: wow! And the demo derby, of course, defies description. Our thanks go out to the ISOA for discovering this delightful activity and for inviting us to share it with them.

Barn Find
Our club was contacted recently by Dan Haley who has several old British cars for sale. These include 2 MGB’s, 1 MGB-GT, 2 MGA’s, 1 TR3, 1 TR7, 1 TR-250(?), a Morris and a Morris Miner station wagon. Also included in the cache is a supply of engines, transmissions, sheet metal parts, etc. Dan accumulated these cars over many years due to his interest in British cars but now wishes to dispose of them due to health and life circumstance reasons. Most of these cars are quite deteriorated at this time and are only suitable as parts cars; however, some are quite unique and may be desirable as restoration candidates. These will be put on the website “classifieds” soon, but Driveline readers are getting first notice of this cache. Call Dan at 815-672-3091 if you are interested; some photos are available from Jim Evans.

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