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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

Garage “Tex” Session(s)

MG Gearbox Tech Day

October 7, 2000 - Naperville, IL
Serious activity starts at 9:00 am

Multiple gearboxes available for your tinkering pleasure.
(and two cases of beer left over from engine tech day)

This will be a general MG gearbox tech session with emphasis on learning, much like a hands on technical school. Please reserve some space in your mind for new knowledge.

Directions to the garage:
Take I-88 to Naperville-Wheaton Road exit, which is west of IL-53 but east of IL-59. At the end of the exit ramp (ending on north side of tollway heading east), turn right (south) and proceed under the tollway bridge. Turn left (east) at the first traffic light (Diehl Road) on the south side of the tollway, and proceed two blocks east to 25W151 Lacey Avenue. Alternately, you can take Ogden Avenue (US-34) to Naper Boulevard and go north about 1/2 mile to the Diehl Road traffic light and turn right. Phone number there is (630) 505-0866.

This gearbox is from a mid-production MGA 1500. This one WAS a freshly rebuilt unit until a few thousand miles later it encountered a catastrophic clutch failure that shattered the bellhousing. It will be reassembled in a new housing on tech day. We will take the time to explain the operation of syncronizers and the mysterious gearbox oil pump.

Another gearbox needing work is an early production MGA 1500 unit with lots of accumulated miles, significant wear in the layshaft and syncronyzers, and a broken tooth on 3rd gear. Parts have been procured, and this unit will also be completely rebuilt.

A third gearbox available for inspection but not needing any work (freshly rebuilt) is a late production MGA 1600-Mk-II unit. This one is very similar to the early MGB 3-syncro gearbox.

Additionally at least one or two club members will be bringing other gearboxes for inspection and possible repair at the tech session. One of these units will be a 4-syncro MGB gearbox. Another might be an MG Midget gearbox. So far no overdrive units, but who knows. If you have an MG gearbox in need of inspection and/or service work you might like to bring it along and get some knowledgeable assistance. If so, please call ahead, (630) 505-0855, so we can do some creative scheduling. This activity will probably take place after lunch break. Bring your own parts, gaskets and seals if you expect to do reassembly.

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