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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Letter from our friends at
Quad City British Auto Club

RE: Scheduling Conflicts
Abingdon Summer Party and
Heartland British Auto Fest

Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000
Subject: QCBAC Autofest event

Barney - Since I know you are very involved with the Chicagoland MG club I a sending this info to you. Due to the change of the Summer Party to Abingdon the same weekend as the QCBAC Heartland Autofest cost us the following:

Autocross-------loss of 20 entries
Scenic Drive----loss of 15 cars
Sat. party--------loss of 30 people
Sunday Show---loss of 42 cars

As long as the Summer Party was in Michigan it did not affect our event too much but when another event is going on the weekend only 45-50 miles away it does have an affect.

We did get some entries on Sunday from people who were at Abingdon -- without them our show would have had less entries than it did have.

The big difference between the two events is that ours is open to all British cars and not to just MGs. We are trapped into our date due to the Village of East Davenport as they have other events planned that cannot be changed. Our date for 2001 is August 18-19. It would be nice if both clubs could work together so that we don't hurt each other's event.

Naomi Swanson, Quad City British Auto Club

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