Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
witch in the moonstreet signs

October 28th 2001
Sample Route Instructions
3    HOUDINI A two way stop only one way will get you to OJIBNA LANE.
4      A left turn on to OJIBNA LANE.
5     PENDULUM Here back to DRAPER RD.
6     PENDULUM Here to close the circle past Glacier Ridge you will go.
7     PENDULUM Courts to the right Courts to the left if you see Tennis Courts thatís the wrong way so go back to the other one.
8   RAVEN A bag will be found at the end of the Court. Now back out the way you have come.
9      No Stop signs here go up the hill past the house of glass no rock throwing here please.

Definition of terms and symbols

HOUDINI = A Four Way Stop with Stop Signs or Traffic Light. You Must find the right way to go out of three choices. Follow the clues.

RAVEN = A Dead End Or No Outlet Road. (Never More)

BLACK CAT = A Privet Road Do Not Enter

CROW = Go Straight As A Crow flyís

PENGILEM = You Can Turn Right Or Turn Left you must choose. Follow the clues.

Some of the rules to run the rally and win.
1. Each Team will get one card for showing up in costume.
2. Navigators will be a must!
3. Along the rally you will get opportunities to get more cards (sealed in envelopes) a total of 7 cards can be gotten in driving the rally correctly and completely.
4. A bonus card can be won if you have four of the six questions right.
5. Time will be a factor, as you will lose a card for each 10 minutes that you are late to the finish.
6. The rally is about 50 miles long and about 3 hours will be given to run.
7. The team with the best 5-card poker hand will win! (No wild cards or jokers)

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