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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

The Steering Column
Dave Bralich
This month is the 25th Anniversary of the CMGC. Please come join us on the 15th for cake and a little camaraderie. If you have any old pictures of club events or members please bring them with you to share. Put your names on the back so that they won’t get lost in the shuffle. Also, if you have not mailed your fact sheet back to us with your current information, please do so TODAY. We want to have a new roster ready for the meeting.

During the October meeting one very important club event takes place. That is, the opening of nominations for the Club Officers. If you have someone in mind to run for any of the four positions please talk to them and find out if they are interested. If they are interested, then nominate them next month. The nominations do not close until the November monthly meeting, with elections happening during the month of December. You will find the ballots in your December Driveline.

Special note to those of us that like drive our cars all around red plastic/rubber cones. There is a new autocross event coming on October 14. Look for additional details further in this month’s Driveline.

Until next month (or driving event) “Safety Fast” to all of you.

Dave (Cowboy) Bralich

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