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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Meeting Minutes
September 19, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 8:05pm by Co Chairman John Schroeder- although he had to bang the gavel twice (tsk tsk). In attendance were 36 members (none new) and no guests.
The following members described their car projects:
Maynard (MGB)
Barney (will be working on gear boxes)
Dan Swanson (replaced alternator and repaired wiring & harness in his MGB -"Barney to the rescue" for which he was applauded. Dean also replaced an oil hose in his MGB.

Past Events

Doug Clark The Univ. Motors Summer Party was held 8/18-8/21. Curt Bork and Reinout Vogt drove around Lake Michigan in Curt's TD. Approx. 300 cars showed up (fewer than last year).
On 8/21/05 Larry's Laugh Along Rally was held (full report in Sept. Driveline).
On 8/25/05, 6 MGs were at the Downers Grove Cruise Import Night and 12 CMGC members went to dinner afterward.
Kiley Eberhardt gave a report on the "bringing it back to life" 8/27/05 tech session on her '74 MGB. The car started, despite a broken ignition switch (it's good to know these cars can still be hot-wired). Work needs to be done on the brakes and clutch before driving it (Yeah but does the horn work?).
On 8/28/05 an autocross was held in Warrenville with at least a dozen cars (mostly MGs) each of whom could take six runs (complete report in the Sept Driveline).
The 9/10/05 ACHA run in conjunction with the BCU Festival was held (at least four or five MGs were there-but no Austin Healeys).
"Cowboy" provided a recap of the 9/11/05 BCU Festival. He said that 600 cars were there and that the layout had been improved and the weather was very good as well. He mentioned that the BCU is looking for people to join it, so the organization can continue to operate with some new blood-he thanked Dear S for joining.
On the weekend of 9/17-9/18, 11 MGs partook in the inaugural Wine, Cheese and Beer Tour. (Ann Snyder congratulated the Schroeder's for organizing a very successful and enjoyable event).

Upcoming Events

An autocross in Warrenville will be held on 9/25/05.
Bob Schulz gave an update on the 10/7-10/9 Abingdon Weekend. At the BCU Festival, invitations were distributed to all cars . Included in the weekend will be the "race" down Main Street and the Knox County fall color tour. Those attending were asked to bring food to share in the hospitality room. A caravan will start at the junction of routes 34 and 47 at 10am on 10/7/05.
Diana Gonzales spoke about next year's "all MG" convention. She has kindly agreed to help coordinate the Club's participation in this event which is held every five years. Such a convention brings together MGs from all 5 registers. A link to the convention 6/21-6/25 in Gatlinburg, Tenn. web site will be available through our Club's web site.


No new items have been added the past month to regalia, per David Ransom Jr.
No reports were available for Library or Tools.
"Cowboy" said the date and time of the fall "tune-down" clinic has yet to be decided (it will be at United Motorsports - formerly United Classic Motors - in Naperville.
The business portion of the meeting ended at 8:50pm. At this time, we could watch a video of last month's autocross- seeing CMGC members and their cars in action (at various speeds), courtesy of Rich Hall (thank you-we appreciate this!).
At 9:05pm the winners of the 50/50 raffle were announced. Henry Stuttley selected the money ($19), and Howard Bruning and David Ransom Jr. each won a poster.
John S. announced that a PowerPoint presentation on his MG trip out west this summer was available for viewing on his laptop. (It was very good-thanks for brining this in for us, John!)

The meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

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