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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Tool Lending Program

While at the locker I noticed the vast supply of tools that the club maintains and offers as loaner tools for member use. The list includes the following items, air-acetylene torch, emergency flasher, engine hoist, engine stand, hydraulic body straightening kit, kingpin reamer, MIG welder, plasma cutter, valve grinder, and a panel nut wrench.
Please review the club website for a complete listing. The Club is also open to suggestions for additional tools to add to the Program. Keep in mind the standard philosophy; moderately expensive, to be used only occasionally by any one person for very short term, easy enough to be used by an average shade tree mechanic, portable, and requiring no special adaptations for power supply, exhaust connections, and so on.
The club Tool Master is Jim Evans, and these tools are generally stored in Glen Ellyn, IL. Tools may be out on loan at any given time, so call ahead to check before making the trip. The number to call is (630) 858-8192. The tools are intended for short term lending only, and you are expected to return them promptly in good working condition and clean, whether your job is finished or not.

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