Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline October 2008

Monthly Garage Keeping

Email Addresses
The need to notify members of canceling the September meeting is a good illustration of our use of club member email addresses. If you didn’t get an email about the cancellation timed around noon of September 15, then you are not on our list. If you would like to be added to the list, or would like to confirm that you are already on the list, please contact either Jim Evans at or Vic L’Heureux at Several members who have supplied address at “” , “”, “” and “” have had their emails rejected by those organizations: instruct your provider to accept email from: to avoid this problem.

October Meeting
October is the anniversary month for the club, with a founding date of 1976. Club members have traditionally received complimentary birthday cake and champagne at this meeting. We will be showing power point slides of some recent events, may have a quick tech session, and may have a surprise speaker. However, we will need to make some changes to this plan if Mack’s fails to reopen by October 20, so check your email and the website as meeting day approaches. A nearby alternate location has already been arranged for if needed.

Club Elections
Club officers serve a one year term that cycles on the calendar year. The election process begins with soliciting nominations for candidates at both the October and November meetings. The offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary are open to all members; if you are interested in running for office, the first step is to see that you are nominated at one of these meetings. For information on the duties, contact any current club officer.

Dues Increase for 2009
Club directors voted unanimously at a September 8 staff meeting to increase club dues from $20 per year too $25 per year, effective with the 2009 club fiscal year (which coincides with the calendar year). This increase has been discussed for some time and was accepted as a way to deal with increasing costs, primarily postage for the club newsletter. Any members who are also members of other clubs will probably agree that the new dues level is not out-of-line with typical club dues costs in this area, and hopefully, no members will find this $5 increase a reason to quit the club.

Lion’s Club Morris Car Show – October 12
This is the last car show this season for club member’s to earn MG Bucks. Location is on IL Rt 6 about 5 miles east of Morris, IL. Runs from 7am to 3pm with a $15 show registration fee. Typically about 700 cars, this show produces a larger number of antique cars as well as kit cars and muscle cars. Many of these cars are not seen at Chicago area shows/cruise nights as they are coming from rural areas to the south and west of Morris.


Natter ‘N Noggin -
The Last Search!

This is it, our last trial visit to find the final location(s) for our monthly Natter 'N Noggin

Roundhead's has always been a popular location. In Downers Grove, both trial visits had a large crowd but I think that the Lombard N&N in August set an all time record!!! So let's go here one more time before we pick where we'll be going in the future. We encourage everybody to start thinking which location was their personal favorite: Roundhead's in Downers Grove, Roundhead's in Lombard, Mullen's in Lisle, Stadium in Rolling Meadows, or Finn McCool in Rolling Meadows.
  Roundhead's is on Roosevelt Road in Lombard, about one mile East of I-355, on the South side of the street. The managers will set-up some tables and booths in the front of the restaurant for us. They know that we don't all come in at the same time and that we need separate checks.

Roundhead's Pizza Pub
275 West Roosevelt Road
Lombard, IL 60148

You can find directions and menu information at and select the Lombard location. If you have any questions, please call Reinout Vogt at 847 342 9804 or Jim Evans at 630 858 8192


Wine, Cheese, and Beer-chitecture Tour - Photo Update -

Some highlights from last weekend’s 2008 Wine, Cheese and Beerchitecture Tour by the Chicagoland MG Club are now online for public viewing here on my Flickr site:

The photos of desserts at New Glarus Hotel are already very popular!
You may download any of the photos to save to your own computer by clicking on ‘all sizes’ above each image.
There will be many more pictures from the Wine, Cheese and Beer-chitecture Tour submitted to John Schroeder before the next Chicagoland MG Club’s meeting.

Enjoy! Kate Skegg

This was sent out as a broadcast email to all members on the email list. Please register your email at so you can keep up-to-date with club events and announcements. -BR
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