Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline October 2009

Halloween Rally
October 25, 2009

On Sunday October 25 we will have our New Halloween Run. This is a very simple rally, so simple that you can call it a Run. And because Halloween is the perfect time to see a few ghosts, we thought is would be a good idea to go and find the ghosts of some longtime Chicagoland MG Club members. Members whose name you may see in the membership directory or hear about occasionally, but who you very rarely get to meet.
The Halloween Run does not include any competitive driving, no trick questions, and no confusing instructions. Just follow the clear instructions and chase a few ghosts. And in case you do get of-course, just call Reinout, there is no penalty for asking. There is no need for special tuning, no helmets are required, and encyclopedic knowledge about MG will not be a competitive advantage. It will be that simple! And the additional benefit? No need for arguments or fist fights with your co-driver or navigator.
We will meet at 10:00 AM in front of the Caribou Coffee in the Poplar Creek shopping center in Hoffman Estates at the Route 59/Sutton Road exit of I-90. If you come from the East, turn North on Route 59/Sutton Road at the light at the end of the exit ramp, then turn left on the entrance road for the mall area at the first traffic light on Route 59. (turn left at the end of the ramp and left at the second traffic light if you come on I-90 from the West). The Caribou Coffee is not immediately in the line of sight because it is hidden a little bit behind the Claim Jumper Restaurant.
We will start the Halloween Run at 10:30 AM. The Run is about 45 miles long and with some stops along the way will take about 3 hours. The route consists of several very scenic and hilly roads in the Barrington area and we'll go a little bit further north towards the Fox River on some bigger county roads. There will be plenty of stop signs and traffic lights, but no gasoline stations. So please make sure you have a full tank of gas! We will finish at The Onion Pub and Brewery in Lake Barrington (on Pepper Road just north of the Northwest Highway) where we can have a late lunch and sample some of the Wild Onion Brewery beers. Check out the restaurant and the brewery After you leave the finish, there is gas in downtown Barrington, less than 4 miles away.
To return back to I-90 from The Onion is about 10 miles, either on Route 14/Northwest Highway and Route 59/Sutton Road, or via Route 14/Northwest Highway and Barrington Road.
Please call Reinout Vogt at 7847 342 9804 with any questions.

Contact information for use on the October 25th, the day of the Halloween Run.

Caribou Coffee
2716 North Sutton Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192 (847) 645-0877

The Onion Pub and Brewery
22221 Pepper Road
Lake Barrington, IL 60010
(847) 381-7308


Reinout Vogt
Cell (847) 909 7564
Henneke Vogt
Cell (847) 736-1120

Leaf Peepers Tour
October - Date TBA

A late addition to the club calendar, and a new event, is a planned fall color tour of Jo Daviess County to enjoy the changing of the leaves. Basically this will be a one day event, as simple as possible, but with a few options.
The plan is to monitor the progress of the changing color of the leaves, pick a day when the color is at or near peak and cruise around the area to take a look. Because we can’t predict in advance when the peak will occur the final notice of the date will have only a few days lead time. It’s likely to occur in mid October. The timing and length of the drive will be designed so you can do the whole thing and return home in the same day. UNLESS you want to extend your trip with some of the options. Also, the date will be chosen so as to not interfere with the other scheduled activities of the club. Since most of the club activities occur on weekends we may be forced to schedule the leaf peeping on a weekday. This will be a hardship for the working folks, but we may have to make that compromise.

Basic itinerary:
Start from the Hermans’ home at Lake Carroll at 9am
Cruise roads in Jo Daviess County and maybe a bit of SW Wisconsin.
Lunch along the road.
End at Woodbine, along US 20 where first option choice occurs.

One choice is to immediately depart eastbound on 20 to return to the city and find dinner along the road home. Second choice is to have dinner at the Woodbine Bend Golf Course (good place, we’ve used it in previous tours) before departing eastbound or staying over night (see following options)

4Whl ATV
Take a ride on the “Official Leaf Peeper" ATV

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