Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline October 2009

Leaf Peepers — Continued

Optional itineraries:   Come out to the area a day in advance to pursue other activities (antique store list will be provided) and avoid the long drive out from the city in the morning to be ready for a fresh start on Peeping Day. Stay over the night of Peeping Day to return to the city the next day starting out fresh and under no time pressures and maybe pursue other activities.

ATV trail
Lake Carroll ATV trail

Additional activity:
The Lake Carroll development has an off road trail circling the property. It’s 14 miles of dirt, gravel and rock pathway with hills, curves, creek fordings, bridges, water puddles and mud holes. It’s a blast. The Hermans have an ATV to provide you a chauffeured ride around the trail. The vehicle has two seats, side-by-side, with seat belts, roll cage, all wheel drive and lots of power. The cycle time is about 90 minutes so the number of trips available is limited and rides will be by appointment only. Ladies are welcome! We will make these rides available the day before and the day after Peeping Day. See the accompanying photos of the ATV and some trail scenes.

We can recommend the two hotels used for the Secrets Tour. The Country Inn and Suites in Stockton (815 947 6060) and the Baymont Inn in Freeport (815 599 8610). I can’t set up room blocks because of the uncertainty of the date, so you will be faced with making a reservation only a few days before the event. This time we have a new recommendation for a unique hostel. The Hickory Hideaway is located just outside Lake Carroll and offers secluded separated cabins with deluxe accommodations. Most have a spa and fireplace. The grounds has a fire pit and walking trails. It’s a little pricey, but comfy and romantic. You can check it out on their website: and phone 866 333 1333.

If you are basically interested in attending (subject to scheduling conflicts, of course) please let me know by e-mail ( so I can start planning for stops, meals, trail rides, etc. Hope to see you with us.
-- Dan Herman

Fall Tune-Down and Chili Party
Sunday, November 8, 2009 - 10 am - 4 pm
82 King Drive - Streamwood, IL

This has been a big hit the last couple of years, so don't miss it. Cowboy has a low lift drive-over hoist so we can do some underbody inspection, maybe a few oil changes, some tune-up work or minor repairs. Bring your own parts, oil and a jug for oil disposal (and yes, you will take your own away). Chili and drinks will be provided. Pictures and such from last year’s event can be seen at
There is also a map link at

Garage Keeping

Tech Session – September 6 - Over a dozen members attended this session at member Dino Perez’ home garage. The session focused on electrical troubleshooting with several volunteer cars coming up for attention. Refreshments were also served to the crowd. Thanks to Dino and Lisa for hosting the group.
Copyright Reminder -Club members are reminded that the club logo and the name “Chicagoland MG Club” fall into the category of being proprietary trademarks of the club. These items may not be used for public displays without the express permission of the club directors. This includes electronic presentations as well as the more traditional printed matter. Event organizers are, of course, allowed to mention the event’s affiliation with the club when making reservations for accommodations, etc. If you plan to present or publish the club name/logo in a public arena, contact any officers for details and permission.
Lucas Night Rally - September 29 -A short field of only three cars turned out to run this rally. Rally teams negotiated a 25 mile course and spent about an hour answering 14 rally questions. The real challenge came at the end, when teams attempted to “unscramble” the hidden phrase described by correct rally question answers. The answer to the question “What does it take to keep your MG on the road?” was “unlimited funds”. First place to Bill and Jordan Reece, second taken by Bill Cantrall and Patty, with Robert and Lynn Zambreno in third.
Club Anniversary – October Meeting -This October marks the 33rd anniversary of the founding of the club. As per longstanding tradition, members attending the meeting will receive free birthday cake and champagne. The anniversary month meetings are often attended by members who have belonged to the club for a long time, so you will have a chance to meet them and discuss the club’s early days. Also, we are hoping to book a guest speaker of interest but haven’t confirmed it as of this writing.
Club Elections -The club election cycle starts with the October meeting, where nominations will be accepted for the 2010 offices

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