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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

Results of the Abingdon 2000 Car Show

The Abingdon Summer Party 2000 car show had 122 entrants which were divided into 12 classes. The oldest car was a 1935 MG PB. The newest car was a 1980 MGB. All the cars were driven to the show, even though some were trailered into Galesburg. The number trailerd was under 10. The show was entirely MG with the exception of one lonely Triumph. There were 4 entrants for the STERLING award, 1935 PB, 1949 TD, 1954 TF, and a rubber bumper MIDGET. The results of the show judging and the sterling awards leave some other observations to be made.

    1) Sunny August weekends bring out MGs.
    2) Most MGs are driven, some for long distances (Ontario, Canada, was the farthest).
    3) Most MGs are in good enough shape to show (not mine).
    4) Triumph owners are a brave lot

The winners of the show were as follows:

1st   John and Joyce Schmale

T Type
1st   John and Jean Ver Hulst
2nd   Edie Hubbard
3rd   Mike and Susie Weisheit

1st   Terry and Judy Frisch
2nd   Carl Young
3rd   Al Crist

MGB Mark I 62-67
1st   Ralph and Dawn Stegal
2nd   Mike and Joan Schram
3rd   Lewis Dove

MGB Mark II 68-74
1st   Bob Houillon	
2nd   Jim Orr
3rd   Roger and Shirley Goebber

MGB Mark III 74.5-80
1st   John Swanson
2nd   Clarence “Sam” Lay
3rd   Ray and Pauline Bonze
1st   Greg Perigo
2nd   Larry Henle
3rd   Barry Jones

1st   Russ Cassolari
2nd   Dane Lay
3rd   Rick and Jean Ingram

1st   Dan Davies
2nd   Tim Swanson
3rd   Larry Daniels
1st   Kurt Wyttenbach

1st   Ed Fila
2nd   Mike Engleton
3rd   Wade Keene
Other (the Triumph)
1st   Paul Perschnich

People’s Choice
1st   John and Joyce Schamle
John and Joyce Schamle
John and Jean Ver Hulst

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