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Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline
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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Maynard Hirsch MGA Research Autocross
October 14, 2001
by Maynard Hirsch

The day of the MGA Research autocross started early for me, but earlier for Bill Mennell and his nephew, Kyle. The were lucky enough to be volunteered to pick up the club’s cones at Mike Olson’s place and also to bring the cones we borrowed from the Healy Club (thanks) were supposed to meet my brother, Mike, Barney Gaylord and me at 7:00 a.m. to leave for the facilities. I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone they took the wrong turn, but they were 40 minutes late. Barney left early to let the facility know we were coming. Anyway, we made it to the track about 8:30.
MGA Research Corp Arial photo

Barney and I set up the course. It was a masterpiece. We had standard slaloms, slaloms with various distance between cones, slaloms with the cones set on a wide offset, a 360 degree skid pad, a light bulb, a pigtail, and a few other tricks.

We had about 21 cars and 25 drivers. In addition to the club regulars, Kelvin Palmer was there with his race car (whose time I beat in the fun runs), an autocross special MGB was trailered in, and we had three oddballs a Ford SHO, and Alfa Romeo, and a Toyota MR2. Also two Sprites from the Healy club were there.

Cars in paddockMGB on course
Now what do you suppose we can do with 12 acres of asphault?

The drivers meeting was held, and then we walked the course. There were only two complaints about the course, which were rescinded after they drove it.

We then divided the drivers into two groups. The first group drove their three runs while the other group worked the course, then the positions were switched. This worked out very well, and everybody was satisfied. The course was long enough (on 12 acres, it should be) that we were able to safely start a 2nd car before the first one finished. Everybody did their runs smoothly, and then the fun runs were held.
MGA Research Corp 'Vehicle Dynamics Area''

After the course was disassembled, the workers from MGA research were thanked. Also, we extracted promises from three of them to drive with use next time, as they own a Midget, a B, and a TD.

We then retired to the Countryside Pub, about 1/2 mile north of the facility. We had been lucky with the weather for too long. It was perfect, no hot sun, no rain, no wind, therefore, as soon as we settled into the pub, and began enjoying our adult beverages, it began to rain. No, make that rain and hail. So, we ran out to put the tops up. Of course, as soon as we finished, the rain and hail stopped.

The awards were passed out, and Mike Olson began shanghaiing people for next years events.

All in all, everybody said they had a good time (or refused to admit otherwise). Those of you who didn’t make this event missed a great time and should definitely plan on going next time.

MGB GT on courseCountryside Pub
Stock MGB
Bob Brownlow	1:48.52
Bill Menell	1:49.34
Kyle		1:52.27
Maynard Hirsch	1:53.41
Nick Jacob	2:16.22

Paul Urqhardt	1:54.62
Steve Merical	1:57.38

Alfa		1:56.74
MR2		1:36.47
SHO		1:55.17
Mike Shickle	1:45.70
Dave Lieb	1:56.48
Mike HIrsch	1:57.74
Blake Thompson	2:04.27
Trish Finn 	2:07.97
Mark Anderson	2:14.99
Bill Thompson	DNF    

Cory Neumeyer	1:31.96
Scott Anderson	1:37.54
Don Anderson	1:39.44
Barney Gaylord	1:39.74
Dave Brahlich	1:42.81
Kelvin Palmer	1:43.21
Brian Ball (?)	1:49.99

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