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Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline
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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
The Rally Corner
Mike Olsencheckered flag
Looking Back and Looking Forward

We are closing out the driving season for 2001. Itís been full of fun, minor problems, and a lot of miles on my MG. For next year we are looking forward to many different events to please different MGerís. These are all a possibility, Hillclimb, Tours, Autocrosses, Rallies of different types, Endurocross.

To run these events we will need people to help out. If you would like to work as an assistant or run an event drop me a line at 847-882-4836 or e-mail me at Itís rewarding and interesting with plenty of assistance if needed.

Keep the rubber side down,
Mike Olsen

Below we have some of the
scores and awards from past events.

       Lands End Rally
               June 9-10, 2001
Pos     Driver/Navigator     Car   
1st	Bill Cantrall
	   Gorden Gilomen    Sprite 
2nd	Dave Lieb
	   Michaela Lieb     74 Midget 
3rd	Ralph Arata
	   Susan Arata       71 MGB 
4th	Steve Selan	
	   Janisse Selan     68 MGB 
5th	Ken Vydra
	   Maryann Vydra     MGB 
6th	Jim Michels
	   Joe Wad           57 MGA 
7th	Don Zbylut
	   Anita Lewis       68 MGB 
8th	Wade Keene
	   (solo)            66 MGB 
9th	Barb McCatcheon
	   Mickey Joffee     MGB 
10th	Mike Olsen
	   Connie Mckeogh    71 MGBGT
	Reports in July Driveline

     Mid Summer Rallye
               July 15, 2001
Pos     Driver/Navigator     Car   
1st	Dave Lieb
	   Michaela Lieb     Midget 
2nd	George Goeppner
	   Jan Goeppner      Miada 
3rd	Mike Olsen
	   Connie McKeogh    MGBGT 
4th	Larry Daniels
	   Mary Hanson       Midget
	Report in August Driveline

     Late Summer Rallye
               August 26, 2001
Pos     Driver/Navigator     Car   
1st	Dave Lieb
	   Michaela Lieb     Midget 
2nd	Roger Goebbert
	   Shirley Goebbert  MGB 
3rd	Larry Daniels
	   Mary Hanson       Midget 
4th	Barney Gaylord
	   Elliot Gaylord    MGA
	Reports in September Driveline

     Lucas Night Rally
               September 15, 2001
Pos     Driver/Navigator     Car   
1st	David Lieb
	   Michaela Lieb     Midget
2nd	Neil Krus
	   Barb Mc Cutcheon  Miata
3rd	Barney Gaylord
	   Elliot Gaylord    MGA
4th	Fred Baker
	   Gail Baker        MGB
5th	Wade Keene
	   (solo)            MGB
	Reports in October Driveline

     Siemens Autocross
               September 2, 2001
   Rubber Bumper Bís
1st	Maynard Hirsch       MGB 
2nd	Colby Coleman        MGB 
3rd	Tristan Fanning      MGB 
4th	Steve Piepenbrink    MGB 
5th	Tom Fanning          MGB
   Chrome Bumper Bís
1st	Bob Brownlow         MGB 
2nd	Dave Benni           MGB
   Midgets & MGAís
1st	Paul Urquhart        MGA 
2nd	David Lieb           Midget 
3rd	Mike Hirsch          Midget 
4th	Trish Finn           Midget
1st	Paul Urquhart        MGA 
1st	Don Anderson         MGB 
2nd	Brian Ball           BV8 
3rd	Mike Olsen           BGT 
4th	Reinout Vogt         MGC 
5th	Dave Bralich         MGB 
6th	Craig Colman         MGB 
7th	John Hubbard         MGA 
8th	Wade Keene           MGB
  Photos at:

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