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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Go Brit Baby! - Tech Sessions

Steve Merical Speedi-Sleeve/Redi-Sleeve
October 21, 2001

Pretty simple title huh? I was really trying to think of something clever. However, when you are talking about repairing a leaky rear (hub) itís tough to come up with something clever that doesnít border on being obscene. Thus, the current titleÖ

Anyway, our October tech session consisted of putting Speedi-Sleeves on the rear hubs of two, yes two, 1958 MGAs. After many well won MG miles, the rear axles will begin to leak oil. You can try replacing all the rubber and paper seals and but they will still leak. This means itís speedi-sleeve time. This ultra slim sleeve provides a new smooth sealable surface and stops the leaks.

Itís important to take on this type of project. When the rear hub seals leak, they send oil out all over your brake shoes, drums, rims, and tires. This can be a dangerous situation as the rear brakes are ineffective when there is a slick coat of oil on them. Not to mention making a mess of your nice rims and tires. You also run the risk of damaging the differential from the loss of oil.
2 MGA, 2 mechanics, 2 hammers Using slide hammer to pull the hub
The whole sleeve procedure is wonderfully detailed on Barney Gaylordís website at: However, Iíll give a brief description of the speedi-sleeve process. Speedi-sleeves are just one brand name for this type of sleeve. There are also Redi-Sleeves available which club member Al Sadur turned me on to. For this tech session we used speedi-sleeves on one car and redi-sleeves on the other.
Wear groove in axle housing Speedi-Sleeve as received

Speedi-Sleeve Procedure
(MGA, Speedi-Sleeve or Redi-Sleeve Part #99193)

1.   Jack up car and take off rear wheels, drums, and pull out axle shafts.
2.   Unlock locktab and remove the large hub nut holding the bearings/hub assembly.
3.   Remove spacer and lock tab.
4.   Remove hub assembly - you may need to use a hub puller.
5.   Clean area, file down and polish any rough spots.
6.   Install sleeve with a ring compressor and hammer. The tool provide in the box is too short for our application.
7.   Pry flange off the installed sleeve.
8.   Re-assemble, being sure to use new gaskets and seals. We torqued the hub nut to 150 lbs.

Driving Speedi-Sleeve into position Tearing off flange
After the procedure is done, it is also recommended that you replace the oil soaked brake shoes with new ones. If you only had a little oil on the brakes you might be able to bring them back with a little brake cleaner but a new set of shoes arenít that expensive.

Cost for a pair of sleeves ranges from about $50 to $80. So, feel free to shop around and find the best value for your MG dollar.
Speedi-Sleeve installed Happy MGA driver
The Fall Tune Down Party is this November 11th at 9 AM at Al Piemonte Ford, 2500 W. North Ave. Melrose Park. Lifts are available for your use. Please bring along your own fluids and such. Get your MG in proper condition for the winter driving season (for some anyway). Feel free to contact me for more information.

Steve Merical - - 630-443-4985

See more photos and additional notes on line at:

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