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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
October 21, 2002

    Meeting came to order at 8:02 By Dave Bralich. There were 51 members and guests in attendance. One new member, Steve LeFond was present as well as one guest, Clint Whiteway.
    Jim Evans showed a motor mount from a rubber bumper “B” and described a common problem with cracking.


Maynard Hirsch     Don Anderson talked about Maynard’s surprise autocross that was held on Oct.6th. He thanked Barney Gaylord for his help. About 15 cars were in attendance.
    The Fall Color Tour was held on Oct. 13th with about 9 cars in attendance. The tour went out to the Galena area. It was about 300 miles long and took about 12 hours.
    Dave Bralich reviewed his tech session. He helped two cars pass the EPA test, a 73 Midget and a 79B.


    The upcoming Halloween Rally will have Bill Hedrick as rally master. It will be held on Oct. 27 and start in Downer’s Grove at the cemetery just north of Founders Hill.
    The Christmas party will be on December 7. Details to follow.
    Dave Ransom talked about regalia. New this month is Chicagoland MG Club street signs.
    Don Anderson advised us Brock Yader will be at the Motorsporsts collection on 10/30 for a book signing and dinner.
    Howard Turk reviewed the library.
    The nominations for next year were opened by Jim Evans. Two incumbents, Mike Hirsch, Secretary, (nominated by Ann Snyder and seconded by Bill Cooper) and Dave Mullis, Treasurer, (nominated by Fred Baker and seconded by Bill Hedrick) are running again for their current offices. For President/Vice President, Bill Hedrick, was nominated by Dave Bralich and seconded by Fred Baker. We are still looking for another candidate. If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact either Jim Evans or Reinout Vogt. Paul Urquardt, Larry Daniels, Kelvin Palmer, Fred Baker and Oscar Gonzales were all nominated for President/Vice President but declined the opportunity.
    Dave Bralich brought up whether the board should be expanded to 5 members with the fifth member to be the previous president. No vote was taken and the matter was tabled.
    The 50/50 raffle prize of $26 was won by Oscar Gonzales.
    We also wish to thank Oscar and the British Car Union for the donation of a case of fuel injector cleaner for handouts.
    The guest speaker was Dennis Tobin of LaFox Automotive. He discussed preparing our classic cars for winter.

Respectufully submitted,
Maynard Hirsch"
(substituting for Mike Hirsch)

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