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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 8:02 p.m. by Co-Chairman John Schroeder by welcoming everyone to the 29th Anniversary Party Meeting (when cake will be served during the break).
-No guests/new members were present (or at least none who wanted to admit it).
-Seth Jones ('71 Midget): turn signal problem - smoking steering column, blown fuses
-Russ Mehaffey ('57 MGA): broken fan blade that damaged the radiator (fortunately, nothing else) - happened on ISOA rally on 10/15/05 Russ reported that LBC owners in the rally were very helpful in effecting repairs, and provided a report & picture for inclusion in the Driveline.

Past Events

Doug Clark -On 9/25/05, six cars participated in the monthly autocross.
Bob Schultz gave a report on the 10/7/05-10/9/05 Abingdon Weekend. The club nearly broke even (with three cancellations), with income of about $2,700 and expenses of about $2,900. 48 people attended the dinner. 30+ cars were in the show (which had different - and fun - judging criteria). CMGC will send a thank-you card for the Old Speckled Hen beer donation. (CMGC stationary will be sent by the Secretary to Bob)
-On 10/16/05, Barney hosted a gearbox rebuild session with about four members in attendance.

Upcoming Events

-The final autocross of this year's driving season will be held on Sun., 10/23/05.
-The Halloween rally, organized by Kim Tonry and Dean Swanson, will be on Sun., 10/30/05.
-"Cowboy" announced the Fall Tune-Down "Party" will be on Sun., 11/13/05 at United Motorsports (1700 Quincy, Naperville) from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
-Ann Snyder provided a "Cruise to the Rock" report. -as usual, it will be on Thanksgiving morning (Thur., 11/24/05) -cars are to meet in Jackson Park (Chgo), to be followed with a brunch at a restaurant in Bridgeport. -more details will be available in the November Driveline &/or on the web site.
-David L. Ransom, Jr. reminded everyone of the holiday party (Sat.12/3/05).
-Looking farther into the future, Diana Gonzales reminded everyone of the 2006 (6/21-6/25) "all register" convention in Gatlinburg, Tennessee (with a link from the Club web site, registration will be done via the Internet). Members are urged to check the Club web site for further details and/or updates to any upcoming CMGC or LBC related events.


Officer nominations for the 2006 year took place.
-Co-Chairman John Schroeder, when nominated, sighed and said "yeah, I guess so".
-Wade Keane (in the words of LBJ in '68) said he "will not seek and will not accept" your nomination for another term as your co-chairman.
-Russ Mehaffey was nominated to take Wade's place, and with a dropped jaw and that "deer in the headlights" look, accepted.
-Treasurer Jim Evans was nominated and said one more year (or, instead did he say, "one more beer"?).
-Secretary Doug Clark, due to his lack of computer prowess, felt he couldn't fulfill the supposed administrative responsibilities (and couldn't make up for it with enough verbal barbs/smart-alec remarks) and pulled a Roberto Duran ("no mas"). (It couldn't be heard, over the riotous applause, whether or not anyone was nominated for it.)
-Library - Dave Lieb said four new books have been added, as have some British Motor Heritage manuals on CD for MGs.
-Regalia - David L. Ransom, Jr. said no new items have been added.
-Tools - no report available
-Tech Sessions - "Cowboy" announced that he hoped to organize one or two a month in January, February, and March - typically "non-driving" months.
-Treasury - Jim Evans said, regrettably, that the report he had prepared was left at home (at least he didn't say that the dog ate it) - so we'll have to wait until the next meeting.
-George Goeppner announced that Barney Gaylord will be appearing in a BP television commercial. Barney said it all started at the end of the August meeting, when representatives of a casting company sought car aficionados - such as CMGC members - to be screened and interviewed. He auditioned, was outfitted, and was paid nicely for his Andy Warhol-like seconds of fame (you'll have to watch closely).
-A break was announced at 8:35 so cake (and champagne!) could be served and 50/50 raffle tickets could be sold.
$32 (half of the money) to Jim Michel. Two World Series, er, Volo Auto Museum, tickets to Wade Keane. Two sill plates to Jim Renkar. Dunlop banners to Jim Michel (FIX!) Silverstone poster to Chris Shepard
The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

©2005 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.