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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Meeting Minutes
Monday, October 16, 2006

The meeting was called to order at 8:05 p.m.
In attendance were 34 members (one new: Bill Reece – ’79 Midget) and three guests (Dino & Lisa Perez – MGB stretch limo and Nate Jones).
The following car projects / problems were mentioned:
-Seth Jones – steering rack and new rear springs (Midget)
-Bill Hedrick – crane electronic ignition (Midget – “Mr. Bill”)
-John Schroeder – fuel pump replacement on the way to the Abingdon weekend (MGB).

Past Events

Doug Clark The 10/6-10/8 Abingdon Weekend (where 32 members attended) was reviewed. “Wilbur” explained the “logic” of the car show judging. Barney announced the gymkhana results. The dinner (prime rib, chicken, salmon), the hospitality room, and the Friday night catfish fry all were good
An autocross was supposed to be run yesterday, but unfortunately, no one showed up with the cones – for the 15 cars there.

Upcoming Events

Seth Jones reminded everyone of the Fall Color Tour he has planned for this Saturday (10/21/06) – with the meeting place & time and route on the web site.
Doug Clark, the organizer of this year’s Halloween rally on 10/29/06, said the meeting time will be at 1:45 p.m. at the east side of the K Mart car park located at the northeast corner of Plainfield Rd. & Rte 83 in Willowbrook. This has been the meeting place for the last few Donald Healey Memorial Rallies run by the AHCA on BCU weekends. The first car will be off at 2:00 p.m., with the goal to finish by 4:00-4:30 (as this is the first day of standard time). We’ll travel roads in eastern DuPage County – and everyone should be able to drive their cars in fourth (or fifth) gear at least part of the time. Some time will be spent outside of the cars answering clues. Costumes are encouraged – as this is a HALLOWEEN rally (the K Mart might be able to help complete your outfit).
The Natter N Noggin will be on 11/14/06 at McNally’s in Elmhurst.
Ann Snyder announced the Club will again be making the Thanksgiving Day Cruise to the Rock in Jackson Park (11/23/06) – and advised members to check the web site as the date approaches.
David L. Ransom, Jr. said that this year’s Christmas party will be on Sun., Dec. 10th at the Elmcrest Banquet Hall on Grand Ave. in Elmwood Park – with the Club subsidizing some of the cost for everyone attending.

Other Business

Members were reminded that the schedule for the project car is on the web site. Victor L’Heureux provided a recap of the most recent session, where a lot of time was spent trying to fit the brake drums over the replacement shoes. Cowboy mentioned that frequently this is a problem as the shoes are too large and need to have the edges reduced with a grinder. “Cowboy” said a fall tune-down clinic couldn’t be arranged because we couldn’t find a place to hold it – but he provided copies of his checklist for everyone. “Cowboy” said that he will bring different brands of oil filters, together with an oil filter cutter to next month’s meeting – so we can see the differences in their construction from the inside.
Jim Evans drew attention to all the past officers and leaders of the Club, and described the nominating & election procedures – as all four positions are subject to them.
For Secretary, Maynard Hirsch nominated Doug Clark (who accepted), with Ann Snyder seconding him.
For Treasurer, Tom Josefek nominated Jim Evans (who accepted), with Maynard seconding him and Bill Hedrick nominated Bob Simon (who wasn’t in attendance), with Diana Gonzales seconding him.
For President/Vice Pres. (or Chairman/Co-Chairman), Russ Mehaffey (who wasn’t there but who has expressed an interest in continuing) was nominated by Diana with a second by Mike Hirsch and Seth Jones was asked to consider and let us know.
We will again to ask for nominations next month, as the voting will be done through the mail in December.
John Schroeder said that the following staff positions will be open for 2007 – so they need to be filled: -driving events coordinator -tech session coordinator
“Wilbur” said he would be willing to take over as Librarian, but wants to relinquish the role of Archivist.
Jim Evans provided a summary of the 3rd quarter Treasurer’s report – and said the combined checking & savings account balance is about $14,000.
“Wilbur” said the library has received a book on MGB electrical systems..

At 8:45 we took a break, during which time Club members socialized – over champagne and cake – and 50/50 raffle tickets were sold. After the break, Co-Chairman John Schroeder led everyone in a champagne toast to 30 enjoyable Safety Fast! years, drawing attention to the plaque on display on the front table that had been presented to the Club this June at the All Register meet in recognition of this occasion by the MG Car Club of England.
Then, the 50/50 raffle winners were drawn – they were:
-Victor L’Heureux, (whose number was picked first, and who settled for the cash – $28 – because a very nice Union Jack jacket, kindly donated by the Gonzales’ daughter, was a bit too tight – ala “Baby Huey”?). Maynard was the “default” winner of the jacket, thanks to Victor’s girth/bulk, as his number was picked next. As we also had two posters to give away, they ended up in the hands of Dino Perez and David L. Ransom, Jr.
The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

©2006 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.