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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Autocross at College of Lake County
September 30, 2007

Car# Class Driver Car Score 101 U David Lieb 72 Midget 50.103 (Modified non-Miata class) 58 M Barney Gaylord 58 MGA 54.936 (MG street tires) 111 M Steven Lenz 77 MGB 1:03.472 (MG street tires)

I wish you had been there. It was an interesting experiment. This year's autocross season consisted of joining the Windy City Miata Club for four of their autocross events. Unfortunately, few people took advantage of the opportunity. Barney and I were the only two drivers to compete in all the events. Lucky for me, Barney does not have race tires for his MGA... maybe next year.

Miata Club autocrosses are more structured than ours tend to be, but that results in more runs per day despite all the cars that show up. For me, it is fun to have an event where I can literally throw my car at the course just as hard as I can and not have to worry about Officer Friendly or going faster than the car can take. It can also be very satisfying to look at the list of cars that were slower than you and see the Subaru STi, the Honda S2000, the BMW, and other cars that you have no business beating. We won't get into the feeling of getting beat by a Ford Taurus...

I don't know what our autocross events will be like next year. Maybe we will have another venue. Maybe we will be back with the WCMC. Maybe there won't be any autocrosses next year. Whatever the case, I hope you will have a chance to bring your car out and show my Midget how it should be done.

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