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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Minutes For Meeting
October 15, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 8:02 p.m. by Co-Chairman Jim Evans when he banged the gavel. He announced that this was the annual Club anniversary meeting, which will be celebrated at the break with cake & champagne. Present were 39 members.
The attendance sign-in and MG Bucks shirt sign-up sheets were passed around. Several CMGC members – some of them sporting that “Baby Huey” look – were wearing shirts from MG related boondoggles of yesteryear.
The following car projects were mentioned:
-Barney – fixed the light switch on his ’58 A
-Dean Swanson – had a wheel bearing on his ’68 B disintegrate the night of the Natter ‘n’ Noggin (the moral of the story: repack the wheel bearings more often than once every 39 years).
-Jim Dades – rear quarter panel on ’64 B
-Seth Jones (aka Jones, S.) – radiator support cross member on his ’71 Midget


9/22/07 – Parts Raid at the Club storage locker for the MG parts that were donated; probable silent auction of some remaining parts at next month’s general meeting.
9/30/07 – Autocross at the College of Lake County hosted by the Windy City Miata Club, attended by Dave Lieb and Barney.
10/13/07 – Morris Garages Rally – organized by Seth, who awarded the “trophies” – nicely framed photos, actually, to Victor L’Heureux & Jim Evans (lst), Dave “N.S.” Lieb (2nd), and Steve & Liz Gorr (3rd); in total six MGs entered, with North Aurora being the starting point; Seth was recognized with a round of applause for running a good rally.
10/14/07 – yesterday’s Lions Club car show in Morris, with about 600 cars entered; of the 30 foreign cars, four were our MGs; Jim commented on the interesting variety of cars, as there were many street rods, as well as a very large number of vendors – and urged us to attend such non-MG/non-British car shows (with our MGs) to increase awareness of and interest in the MG marque.


10/28/07 – “Tune-Down” party at “Cowboy’s” from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with beer & chili in the afternoon; a four ft. scissors lift will be available.
11/22/07 – the annual Thanksgiving (morning) Day “Cruise to the Rock – with our hoods lowered – to Chicago’s Jackson Park (the starting point for the country’s first car race – in 1895), announced by Ann Snyder, who will provide a map for the web site of where in the park we will meet; we’ll socialize there for an hour before going to a south side establishment for brunch.
11/23/07 – while not an official CMGC event, Dave Lieb said an event “Save Our Spridgets”, at Greenfarm near Fond du Loc (Wis.) will be held; he’ll provide details for the web site.
12/1/07 – the annual holiday party, kindly arranged (again) by David L. Ransom, Jr., where the cost will be partially subsidized by the Club; a $10 “bring one / take one” grab bag is optional; featured that night will be special entertainment – namely, the return of “The Abingdon Players” (supposedly, they’re so bad, they’re good).



Barney gave an update on the project car, as it has been painted, wet sanded & buffed, and this Saturday will be an assembly work day. Jim announced that this day will be “Ladies Day” – but any CMGC member is welcomed (and even encouraged) to show up and lend a hand. He further stated that lunch will be provided for the workers. He also asked that we advise him if any of our friends or neighbors might be interested in buying the car after it’s completed (probable market value $3,500-$4,500). In response to a question from Oscar Gonzales regarding expenditures to date, Reinout stated that approx. $2,800 has been spent on parts, paint, and storage.
Those present were reminded that we have a new Driveline editor in Bill Reece.
Jim reminded everyone that we’re still seeking a new location for the Natter ‘n’ Noggin, especially since our most recent venue, McNally’s, has been sold.
Jim asked if anyone would be interested in trying to sell the unclaimed donated MG parts on E-Bay – to which Russ said he would consider it. Jim felt that this would be a good way for someone who lives in a non-metro area to buy MG parts.
It was announced that the 2008 dues ($20) can now start to be paid – and will gladly be accepted. To that end, the Club Secretary reached for his billfold, blew away the cobwebs and the (dead) moths, and forked over a twenty dollar bill, thus becoming the first to pay. One down, two hundred ninety-nine to go. (He may be hopeless on the computer, but at least he’s not a deadbeat – for a year, anyway.)
David L. Ransom, Jr. said that ordered name badges can be claimed. He also has car badges for sale.

The nominations for the 2008 officers took place. The officers willing to serve another year’s term are Jim Evans (Co-Chairman) & Reinout Vogt (Treasurer). Stepping down will be Russ Mehaffey (Co-Chairman), having served two years and Doug Clark (Secretary), who we’ve had to put up with for three years.
The nominations made for 2008 – so far, as the process will continue at next month’s meeting – are:
Co-Chairman: Jim Evans, Dean Swanson, Seth Jones
Treasurer: Reinout Vogt
Secretary: Victor L’Heureux
All have accepted, except for Seth, who said he wanted to think it over, in view of his role as the Club’s driving events coordinator.

Doug Clark At 8:55 the business part of the meeting ended so we could enjoy our anniversary refreshments and buy 50/50 raffle tickets.
The winners of the 50/50 raffle were: “Cowboy” – who claimed the cash prize ($25), Jim Dades – winning after attending his first meeting in ages (a Union Jack license plate frame cover), and J-P Brossard (a large poster featuring the history of the MG). The Union Jack and the poster were kindly donated by Oscar.
At 9:20 p.m. the meeting adjourned.

Respectufully submitted,
Doug Clark

©2007 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.