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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
CMGC Project Car Update

October 20, cool and breezy in the morning, we moved the car into the workshop for easy access to air and electric and all the handy tools. Temperature quickly jumped into the low 70's, light breeze and T-shirt weather. Nine people worked diligently for at least 5 hours (not counting lunch break), and a few people kept on to 5 pm, so we got lots done. Front and rear bumpers, manifolds, carburetors, catalytic converter, exhaust hookup, bonnet rear seal, wiper spindle trim, new fender bolts, finish of gearbox mount, and speedometer cable were installed.

Someone did a lot of buffing and polishing on the bright trim and got that installed. All exterior lighting fixtures, door handles, vent windows, windlass strips, window tracks, lifts and glass were installed. Cockpit rear trim, dash top cover and windscreen rounded out the day, along with numerous small tasks on the sly.

We ordered up pizza and sodas for a quick lunch to keep on working, taking a few minutes to browse around the visiting cars. I count nine cars in this picture (see cover photo), two of them live here, but a couple others are hidden. By day's end we have a car that looks a lot like a rubber bumper MGB again, and far fewer boxes of loose parts.

We have scheduled the next three Saturdays as work dates for reason of advanced publication, hoping to get lots of help and that it won't need that many days, but also wanting to take advantage of any decent weather before things might get nasty. Keep an eye on the web site for latest schedule updates. If we could muster this much help again almost everything might be finished in one more work day. Someone might sneak in at mid week to paint wheel wells and install black wheels and trim rings. Outside needs a front valance panel, headlamps and trim rings, rear license bracket, boot lid button, and plug together the lighting wiring. Inside needs door seals, threshold plates, kick panels, carpeting, bolt-in seats and rag top, turn signal switch and a few other minor bits. Engine bay needs radiator and hoses, fluids, distributor, wiring plug-ins, bonnet prop, bonnet insulation, tune up and test run.

Upcoming Work Dates:
Saturday, October 27th
Saturday, November 3rd
Saturday, November 10th
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Wade Keene - 708-752-1701 -
Jim Evans - 630-858-8192 -
Barney Gaylord - 630-505-0866 -

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