Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2008

Natter ‘N Noggin -
The Last Search!

This is it, our last trial visit to find the final location(s) for our monthly Natter 'N Noggin

No, we haven't decided for a final location for our Monthly N&N yet. But we're close....
We'll do one more time around the various locations before we have to make the call. On November 11th we'll try out Mullen's in Lisle one last time. We had some good evenings there earlier in the search, so here's one last chance.

Mullen's Bar & Grill
3080 Warrenville Road
Lisle, IL 60532
Ph. 630 505 0240
This is just North of I 88 at the Naperville Road exit, on the NE corner of the Naperville Road and Warrenville Road intersection.\Mullen's has a very nice website complete with menu, map, and directions at (select the Lisle location)

For question, please call Dean Swanson 630 663 0029 or Reinout Vogt 847 342 9804

A Request from Driveline

One of the many changes to Driveline has been the inside cover story of a club member’s first MG’s. Thank you so much to those folks that have contributed. We are looking for additional articles and pictures from members. This is your opportunity to showcase your MG and stories for all of the members to see. It can be a fun or serious article, the choice is yours.
I also have additional room for member article contributions. In upcoming editions we will be sharing stories of how some of the members use their MG’s for racing, visiting car shows, autocrossing and such. All article contributions are welcome. If you have any Driveline suggestions or criticisms, please feel free to contact me. This newsletter is for the members so I certainly welcome your input to improve or change it.
Thanks - Bill Reece, Editor


Monthly Garage Keeping

Dues are Due
It’s about the end of the season at this point. The off season is the perfect time to get all of those little MG projects completed so you are ready for the spring season.
Don’t forget that Dues Are Due, January 1st. Please look at the mailing label for the “year paid through”. If it does not say 2009 above your name, you haven’t paid for the upcoming year. Early payments save the staff a lot of work as well as save the club some printing and postage costs. You can pay the $25 dues anytime by mail to the club PO Box or at any club meeting.

Recruiting Roundup
The club recently added about a dozen new members through a recruiting drive. We started with local membership lists received from AMGBA, NAMGAR, and NAMGBR. By comparing their lists with our own membership list, we were able to identify about 100 area residents who had joined one of those national clubs but were not members of CMGC. Each of those individuals received a letter about the CMGC along with an invitation to also join our group, resulting in over a 10% response rate. This effort was part of the “membership management” strategy worked out by club officers last year, and is an activity that we will be repeating periodically in the future.

Email Addresses
It was determined at the October meeting that several members had traveled to Mack’s last month without knowledge that the meeting had been cancelled due to flooding. This cancellation was posted to the club website and also was the subject of a mass group email message the morning of the cancelled meeting. As noted before, we are using email to notify club members of last minute changes to scheduled activities and for other timely notices. Once again, if you are not receiving an email from the club early each month regarding upcoming activities, then you are not on our list. The list was developed from information included with last year’s dues renewal, so you may be off the list if your email address has changed. Some members have been dropped from the list because their ISP “bounced” our emails, so notify your ISP to accept email from to help ensure that you receive club pertinent email notices. Just because you gave your email address to the club years ago doesn’t mean that you are on our list today; to make sure that you are on our list, notify either Victor L’Heureux at or Jim Evans at If you are not an email user, you should try to check the club website for timely updates on club activities.

Surplus Club Equipment
The Directors recently approved the sale of a large, free standing combination bulletin board/marker board unit that the club has owned for several years. This is a good quality unit, about 6’ tall and 5’ wide, suitable for classroom or similar environment. It is in good, but not perfect, condition. Contact Jim Evans for photo and info.

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