Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2009

in the MG Club name. And they know that we are not all coming at the same time and like to have separate checks.
Which brings me to the last point; I wrote about it last month, but I would please ask you attention one more time for this. We usually don't make it very easy for the waitresses at Roundhead's or Finn McCool's. We have separate checks with well over 20 or 30 people who are all thirsty when they come in and may order food at different times, and who sometimes move around the table a little bit. Most restaurants only do one check and slap at least 18% gratuity on top for groups of more than eight. Luckily we've been able to find locations that still accept our separate check requirement and don't add-in the gratuity. Keep that in mind and tip the waitresses generously ... Please!

November 10th, starting at 7:00 PM
Finn McCool's
1941 E Algonquin Road
847 303 5100 (select the Schaumburg location)
Please call Reinout Vogt at 847 342 9804 for any questions.

Monthly Garage Keeping

MG Bucks Round-Up
This year’s MG Bucks program is drawing to a close, and we would like to make sure that everyone gets credit for all eligible activities. This year, MG Bucks were awarded for: wearing an MG event oriented garment to a club meeting (no hats, please); entering your car in one of the five car shows endorsed by the club; and attending one of the driving tours conducted by the club. Please check the MG Bucks tally sheet posted on the website; if you are not listed to receive an MG Buck that you deserve, please contact Jim Evans with your information.

Election Notice
Club elections for 2010 officers will take place next month. The nomination process started with the October meeting and will end with the November meeting. If you are interested in running for office, you will need to be nominated no later than the November meeting. If you would like to know the expected duties for a given office, please contact any one of the officers for that information. Your December Driveline will contain a ballot for all nominated candidates.

On-Demand Regalia
The club will soon finalize arrangements for “on demand” regalia for members. This program will allow members to order regalia items on-line in the color, size, and style that they prefer (i.e. “on demand”) via an internet site that will accept your payment and deliver items to your door. We will still stock some items for sale at club meetings but members will now have a much greater selection of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from at their convenience. There will be additional information in the December Driveline.


Editor’s Note
In last month’s Driveline edition I inadvertently forgot to include a name with an article. My sincerest apologies go out to Bill Cole for his article on Turn signal/hazard Warning Switch Repair on page 12 of the October edition. Sorry Bill...

-- Bill Reece  

Halloween Rally…
or the Ghosts of MG Past
Sunday, October 25, 2009

  Nine cars entered the annual; Halloween Rally on October 25. The weather was clear and bright, and the driving was great. Rallymaster Reinout Vogt, with help from Assistant Rallymaster Henneke, laid out a delightful course through the far northwest suburbs. The instructions were clear and flawless. No questions to answer, but the task at hand for rally participants was to locate and run down some mobile Halloween “ghosts”, said ghosts being some longtime club members who

MG’s getting in the Halloween spirit

volunteered for the task. And so the group was off, following an easy and scenic route, always with an eye open for a car (MG or otherwise) with the telltale “rally ghost” markings. A couple of checkpoints along the way to make sure everyone was on course, and then the chase began. Numerous MG’s were to be seen zipping along suburban back roads, looking for the elusive “ghosts”. Some were found and some weren’t. At the end of the day, 26 people convened at the Wild Onion Pub in Lake Barrington for lunch, and the winners were announced: 1st place – Jim and Lois Evans; 2nd place – Vic & Penny L’Heureux; 3rd place – Bill & Scotty Cole. A great bi thank you to not only the Vogt’s, but also to those club members (John Magiera & Sherry Cedzidlo, Mike & Mary Kay Cobb, Larry Henry & George Goeppner, Rick & Jan Wesley) who volunteered to man checkpoints and then become the elusive “ghosts”.
-- Jim Evans

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