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December 12, 2009
Elmcrest Banquets
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A History of the Chicagoland
MG Club

Author’s Note:   This history is about the Chicagoland MG Club in its various configurations over the years. You won’t find many names mentioned here for that reason: it’s about the club, not the members. Yes, the club wouldn’t be where it is today without the contributions of members, but I like to think that they did, what they did, for the benefit of the club itself and not to glorify themselves. Most information here is drawn from the archived copies of the club newsletter, now online as part of our website. Some information comes from the memories of members who have “been there, done that”.

Part II: Moving Forward

Change was clearly on the agenda for the club in 1982. The newsletter took on a new format and a new name – now called the “Chicago Chapter Reporter”1. The Natter ‘n’ Noggin continued at Hippo’s but the monthly meeting was shifted to the Mug Pub in Itasca, where it would remain for about two years. The treasury balance at New Year’s was $69.45; it would drop in half by yearend. The newsletter initially showed a dramatic drop off in size and in advertising, some of which was later recovered; the Chicago Chapter Reporter chronicled the addition of 7 new members during 1982, none of which remain in the club at this writing.
But there were other new programs and events coming onto the calendar at a rapid pace, and some former events grew in popularity. Club regalia was advertised for the first time in the July 1982 newsletter. The 2nd Annual Land’s End Rally drew 28 cars and remains today as the second oldest continuous event on the club calendar, second only to the Holiday Party (which goes back to the founding year of 1976). In late 1982, club member Steve Alcantara drew the Chicago skyline logo still in use by the club on all of its graphic materials.
The club meeting moved in March 1983 to Russell’s in Rolling Meadows where it would remain for many years. Participation in meetings and events dropped about this time and would only be built back up after a long effort. A 1983 membership list shows about 65 members; and only 1 of the dozen new members named in 1983 is still in the club2.
During the next few years, the club maintained a fairly constant calendar of events and activities. A program of monthly speakers and films started in early 1984 and meeting attendance began to rise, aided by a door prize drawing at each meeting. In late 1984 the club library was started with an initial funding of $200; yearend treasury balance was $155.32. The Natter ‘n’ Noggin moved to the Red Barrel in Chicago in July of 1985, and the AMGBA conducted their national convention in Abingdon, IL that same summer with many Chicago club members in attendance.

1 This name would be dropped in 1983; the name “Driveline “ would not appear until September 1995
2 Your author

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