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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Candidates' Statements:

    Hello, my name is Bill Mennell, one of your candidates for president. We joined the club in 1995 at the British Car festival, just after picking up our second MG, a 1953TD. My wife Deb and I are now the proud/frustrated owners of four LBCs, Three MGs and an Alpine. And they all run. Usually.
    Since joining the club I have been active in most of our events, except for ralleying. Dont have a car with a working odometer. Deb and I are the clubs archivists and served on the Abingdon committee for its first two years. I enjoy going to the tech sessions but every one will tell you that changing a tire is a major accomplishment for me.
    I cant promise to lower taxes or put a chicken in every pot, but will do my best to carry on the fine work that all our previous officers have done.

Thanks, Bill Wilbur Mennell

Hello: Chicagoland MG Club Members -- From: Paul Urquhart
    As you may know my name has been put on the list for a club officer position in the upcoming elections. It is true I will accept the nomination but there are some things that you should know before you place your vote for me and I would like to let you in on that stuff.
   I do have a job that can take me out of town up to 4 days a week so I may not be around for all of the meetings. Thats all part of my job. I do have two MGs now; my 62 A that most of you have seen and a 77 B that is in the midst of getting a rebuild.
   I am not an authentic nut when it comes to cars and my MGs. I do like to drive my A but it is far from original with a custom engine and soon to have a 5 speed in it (Non MG). It is far from what Mr. Twist would like to look at or judge. But it runs good and I have a lot of fun with it I have had this A for over 20 years.
   Now for what I think or would like to see happen with the MG Club. I think running a club for its members should be what the members want and not what I want. Therefore the way I do things is this (KISS) {Keep It Simple Slick}
   First, find out what the members enjoy doing with their MGs. Whether it be Auto crossing, Rallying, Touring, Racing, Fixing, or Socializing or something else. Then try to get the club members that like the same things together so they can do those things together and have them organize their events with the support of the club. If a past event has lost some of its appeal, then put it on the back shelf for a time until there is an interest in it again. If there is something new to try then take a look at it and give it a try. A club is not going to have everything that everybody is going to like, that is just to hard to do, so some may lose something that the club can not support.
   A club can only be as good as the people in the club and not every one needs a club to enjoy their hobby. A club is not about one member and the wishes of that one member. I would like to see other car club members and non club members at some more of our events in the future. This is a way to get other people interested in the club and see what we do. I would like to make events less costly to the club members that participate in them. I would like to see 20 plus cars at an event and 40 plus happy people at the end of that event.
   As a club officer, I would do my best to help run the club to the demands of the club members and help keep the club interest high and the love of these MGs alive. I will dedicate as much time as I can to do the above and have an open ear for new ideas.
   Please let the clubs Officers know what you want from the club and what you would like to see new come to the club or old stay with the club. Only the members of a club can make it better.

Happy Holidays To All!! - Paul Urquhart

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