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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

Candidate for Co-Chairman

Wade Keene Hello everyone, Im Wade Keene and have been nominated for club vice president/co-chairman. The first thing Id like to say is thank you for the unexpected nomination. As far as I know, nobody else is running for this position so my hope is to live up to that vote of confidence. For those of you who dont know me, I was asked to write a bit to help everybody cast an informed vote. Ive been a member for about 15 years and have just become more active in club activities in the past few years. I dont really remember when or how I joined initially, but I have had MGs since before I got my license, starting with a 72 Midget back in high school and several since. Right now I have a 70 B, a 64 B project, and my wife has a 60 Bugeye project that shes named Maggie.

If I become one of your co-chairmen, I would carry on the fine work of our past officers for the most part. I see few real problems with the club, but there are a few things I think we could do better on, such as increasing rally participation for example. I dont really know why we get some low turnouts, but I do know that we like driving our MGs (as long as theyre driveable!) and I think we like each other, so there must be something were missing. Whatever it is, I would want people to let us know what they would like to see changed to make rallying more attractive to them, and implement changes to get more of the club enjoying driving events.

On other issues, I believe the club should follow the same approach; encourage members to communicate any concerns, suggestions, etc, so we know what they are and can do something. Perhaps there are entirely different things youd like to see us doing, if so Id like to hear about it. Theres no reason we cant do some different things, well maybe for a few things there is, but no reason we cant take suggestions. Anyway, I want to get input from people on what could make the club better. I have a couple of ideas, but Im just one of 400 some people that need to enjoy the club.

Happy Holidays and Safety Fast,
Wade Keene

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