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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Cruise to the Rock
November 25, 2004

We were not be able to obtain the closure of the street (eastbound Midway Plaisance between Stoney Island and Cornell) in time for Thanksgiving morning at the Rock this year. I spoke earlier with Mike Simon, of the Chicago Department of Transportation. The obstacle is a requirement that the application be submitted 45 days in advance of the closure, because of required sign-offs, including that of the area s alderman. I am planning on pursuing that for next year, unless any of the interested groups- i.e. those of you who have gathered at the Rock in past years- objects.

The Chicagoland MG Club Withdrew its application for a permit for the event from the Park District. The $2000 security deposit is not feasible for our organization. Because of the extremely warm weather this year and a forecast of rain and snow showers, we were concerned that vehicles within the park might produce damage to the grass, even if care is taken to avoid it. Our goal is to bring favorable attention to the 1895 Race and its significance.

We are encouraging our members to drive their MGs or other classic cars on Thanksgiving morning and find legal curbside parking as near the start/finish marker as possible. There are no restrictions on foot traffic within the park.

I have been encouraged by the courtesy and the interest in this project that I received from the Park District and the Departments of Transportation and Special Events. I think that we have actually made progress this year in discussing the event with them. It has been a learning process for me, and I think we are on track to formalize this gathering at The Rock as an official observance of the anniversary of America s first automobile.

Ann - 847-295-2753 -

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