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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Save our Spridgets 2007
November 23-24, 2007

The day after Thanksgiving, Trish and I drove north to Fond du Lac for SOS 2007. For a number of years now, Wisconsin has seen an annual event known as "Save Our Spridgets", SOS for short. Taking place the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, it has been an occasion for undertaking a wide variety of projects. In fact, there were so many projects available that I did not hear a single one of the political debates that tend to haunt LBC gatherings at this time of the year.
This year saw Kris Larson working on assembling his RWA Midget race car, complete with many interesting parts that never saw Abingdon.
Larry Daniels (not the one in the CMGC) spent some time tuning his 1967 Austin pickup truck... Ever short out your points? So has Larry.
Six Sprites and Midgets had been sentenced to death row and were slated for dissection as organ donors. It is so much easier to take a car apart when you know that you will not need to put it back together. Seven derelict Spridgets, six for stripping?
Mary Albrecht's 1963 Midget was brought back from the dead. This was the car in which she and her late husband had dated, so it was something special to hear it cough and come alive again. Still some hydraulic work, wheel bearings, and the usual host of details to be sorted out, but it is a lot of progress.
Bud Pazur spent some quality time with the quarter-elliptic rear suspension on his Bugeye. I was only there on Friday, so I do not know if he was successful at getting the ride height back down to normal.
Many thanks to our ever-gracious hosts William Severin Thompson of Team Thicko and his wife Nancy for their generosity in hosting this event. We will never know how much time and money goes into setting these up, grilling the traditional pork loin, etc, but we can still appreciate the effort.

David Lieb

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